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How to Babyproof Your House
June 20, 2011

I may be biased but I think my Grandma is the epitome of “Grandma.” She’s absolutely one of a kind and I have been so fortunate to know her as a child and even more-so as an adult. Growing up, she baked cookies and pies from scratch. She played the piano while we sang Christmas carols. She would even sew all of the grandkids matching outfits for different holidays. It was always pure joy at Grandma’s.

Although I love my Grandma with all of my heart, I accepted something about her very early in life; not only is she the epitome of a “Grandma” she was also the epitome of a worry-wart. I use that in past-tense because after 9 grandchildren she has eased up a bit. I was the first and I can remember being incredibly frustrated as Grandma inspected every single piece of our candy we collected at Halloween. It would literally take hours while she searched every wrapper. In fact, my very first memory I have in life is of her scolding me while I was playing near an outlet. She’ll tell you I had my fingers in the outlet, but I bet I could have been looking at it and she would have lost it.

Yet, her worrisome qualities were hard not to love; it only validated how much she loved us and wanted to protect us. I am guessing they didn’t have outlet covers back then because if they did my Grandma would have been the first to buy them!

To protect the ones you love read this week’s articles for tips on baby-proofing every room in your house.

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Britney Kirsch
Account Manager