Organizational Wellbeing Inventory & Evaluation

The O.W.I.E. is an organizational tool which is used to holistically assess and evaluate six areas of an organization. MINES conduct this evaluation through an open dialog with leadership to ensure easy and open communication where MINES can best listen and respond to your organization’s needs.

Six areas of focus

This dialogue occurs with leadership about finances, accounting, and financial practices and may incorporate evaluations of financial documentation including income statements, budgets, and projection modeling.

Assesses leadership theories and expectations of organization related to the culture of the organization.

Assesses the organizational culture utilizing a number of models and frameworks including Kotter, Shein, Deal, and Kennedy.

Evaluates the current organizational structure and projections about organizational changes and growth through frameworks including Elliot Jaques.

Organizations, much like human beings, go through life spans. They are born, they grow up, and then they die. This question looks at where an organization is in the lifespan and what the growing pains are along the way.

This portion of the assessment looks at how organizations and processes within organizations can be measured and controlled by throughput, operational expense, and inventory.

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