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A word on risk assessment -

"Behavioral risk management applies to risks connected with the workplace behaviors of employees and organizations that have a negative impact on the productivity of an organization; behavioral healthcare episodes and the cost of treating these episodes; and lifestyle behaviors that lead to preventable healthcare conditions and the cost of treating these conditions."

– Rudy Yandrick, in his book: Behavioral Risk Management

At MINES, we excel at identifying and managing organizational behavior-related risks, offering a holistic approach to promote the wellbeing of employees and the organization as a whole. Our multifaceted strategy includes:

  1. Risk Assessment: We conduct a comprehensive evaluation to identify behavior-related risks within your organization. This assessment encompasses various aspects, such as workplace dynamics, employee interactions, stress factors, and potential sources of conflict.

  2. Program and Policy Review: Our experts scrutinize existing programs, policies, and services that may influence behavior-related risks. This involves a detailed examination of initiatives related to employee support, corporate wellness programs, organizational development, workplace wellbeing, and leadership development.

  3. Data Compilation: We gather and analyze data that highlights behavior-related risks and gauges the effectiveness of existing risk management strategies. Our data-driven approach provides valuable insights to enhance your organization’s wellbeing.

  4. Data Measurement and Analysis: MINES leverages advanced analytics to measure and analyze behavior-related data, allowing us to develop a clear understanding of the risks and their impact on your organization. This data-driven insight enables us to devise informed strategies.

  5. Proactive Program Interventions: We prioritize preventive measures by introducing or modifying programs and services aimed at mitigating potential behavior-related risks before they escalate into physical or mental health problems. These interventions are designed to maintain a healthy, supportive, and productive workplace environment.

By collaborating with MINES, your organization will benefit from a proactive approach to risk management, ensuring that behavior-related risks are identified and addressed early. Our solutions encompass employee support, corporate wellness programs, organizational development, workplace wellbeing, and leadership development, collectively contributing to a safer, more productive, and healthier work environment.

MINES specializes in managing behavioral risks, with a distinct focus on behavioral, not healthcare issues, offering a comprehensive approach to global risk management. The following are some necessary elements for a successful behavioral risk management system to help organizations achieve this:

  1. Behavioral Risk Focus: Our primary focus is on identifying, addressing, and mitigating behavioral risks within your organization. These issues encompass aspects like workplace culture, interpersonal conflicts, stress management, work-life balance, and more.

  2. Global Risk Management: We provide global management of behavioral risks, ensuring a consistent approach across all levels and locations of your organization. This approach enables a cohesive risk management strategy that fosters a healthy work environment.

  3. Organizational Ownership: MINES empowers your organization to take ownership of its behavioral risks. We work collaboratively with your internal teams to develop tailored solutions that are managed and implemented within your organization.

  4. Information Management: We leverage advanced computerized information management systems to efficiently gather, analyze, and manage data related to behavioral risks. This data-driven approach enables us to proactively address risks, providing actionable insights for decision-makers.

  5. Integration of Solutions: MINES bridges individual and organizational behavioral problems by integrating solutions that address both aspects. This holistic approach ensures that the solutions put in place effectively manage risks and create a healthier work environment for your employees.

By partnering with MINES, your organization will gain the expertise and support needed to manage behavioral risks effectively. Our focus on behavioral, not healthcare issues, coupled with global risk management, promotes a culture of ownership, data-driven decision-making, and integrated solutions, ultimately fostering a more resilient, healthy, and productive workplace.