Practical Solutions to Complex Problems

A word on risk assessment -

"Behavioral risk management applies to risks connected with the workplace behaviors of employees and organizations that have a negative impact on the productivity of an organization; behavioral healthcare episodes and the cost of treating these episodes; and lifestyle behaviors that lead to preventable healthcare conditions and the cost of treating these conditions."

– Rudy Yandrick, in his book: Behavioral Risk Management

  • Identifying the organization’s behavior related risks
  • Reviewing programs, policies and services that affect risk
  • Compiling data indicating risk and effectiveness of behavioral risk
  • Measuring and analyzing data
  • Introducing and/or modifying programs and services before they result in physical or mental problems
  • Focus on behavioral, not healthcare issues
  • Global management of behavioral risks
  • “Ownership” by the organization of its risks and internal management of the solutions to them
  • Use of computerized information management v Integration of individual behavior and organizational behavior problems and solutions