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Not all EAPs are the same...

Not all EAPs are equal. Top-tier EAPs like MINES can offer a level of support and access that is just not found with embedded or digital-only solutions. Call us at 1-800-873-7138 or request a quote today to see how MINES behavioral health and wellness solutions can help your organization.

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Since 1981, MINES & Associates has been a trusted provider of cost-saving Managed Behavioral Health Care and Top-tier Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) across the nation and beyond.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our exceptional satisfaction rates among both employers and employees. We help lead the industry in utilization, ensuring that our clients receive the maximum benefit from our wide array of services, which encompass employee assistance programs, onsite and near-site/virtual clinic services, corporate wellness programs, organizational development strategies, and workplace wellbeing enhancements. Additionally, we offer specialized mental health training courses and wellness coaching to empower your workforce.

At MINES, we’re dedicated to fostering employee support, enhancing organizational health, and nurturing leadership development, all while delivering exceptional employee wellness programs to help your organization thrive.

Need Help Now? Please call 1-800-873-7138


Our Vision

Saving Lives and Influencing the Course of Human Events

To make a positive contribution to our fellow human beings and to the planet through service and education. Each act we perform is done mindfully and with great loving-kindness.

To make a positive contribution for those we serve through the application of psychological and other scientific methodologies, theory, and research. To provide the highest quality psychological service in order to ensure our clients the most favorable outcome in the least restrictive manner.


Digital Intake

  • Access your EAP services 24/7!
  • Counseling, coaching, wellness, and more!
  • Quick, easy, and secure!


  • Daily live and on-demand mindfulness sessions.
  • Personal and professional development and training, self-help tools, legal and financial resources, and more!
  • Sign into PersonalAdvantage today to get started.

Supportiv Peer to Peer Support

  • 24/7 anonymous support
  • No appointments needed.
  • Real people who relate to your struggle.
  • Chats led by trained moderators.
  • All topics: Stress, work, family issues, loneliness, anxiety, etc.

Employee Assistance Programs

  • Award-Winning Programs
  • Expansive Employee Services
  • Expert Management Consultation

Managed Care

  • Outstanding Case Management
  • Unparalleled Cost Savings
  • Proactive Outreach

Nationwide PPO Network

  • Deepest Network Discounts
  • Coverage in all 50 States
  • Highest Quality Providers

Organizational Psychology

  • Social-Oriented
  • Interactive Events
  • Cutting Edge Strategies

Critical Incident Support Services

  • On-site and virtual interventions for stressful or traumatic events
  • Licensed professionals with expertise in trauma
  • Reduces post-traumatic stress


Since 1981, MINES has been an award winning business psychology firm. Come see how we have made a difference!


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