Making Your Job Easier

When it comes to selecting the right behavioral health benefits for your employees, the choice is pivotal for any organization. Ensuring that this decision aligns with the needs of those who depend on your support is of utmost importance.

At MINES, we operate through two primary departments, each with a distinct focus. Our Health Psychology Department is dedicated to delivering employee-facing support services, while our Organizational Psychology Department specializes in providing support at the organizational level.

Within our Health Psychology services, you’ll find an unwavering commitment to meeting your organization’s behavioral health and wellness needs. Our services have been meticulously crafted with a singular objective in mind – the wellbeing of your most invaluable asset, your employees. Our comprehensive offerings encompass a spectrum of solutions, including Employee Assistance Programs, Wellness initiatives, Managed Care, and access to a nationwide PPO network.

On the BizPsych side of MINES, we excel in conducting organizational assessments, delivering training, offering coaching services, conducting executive assessments, fostering leadership development, and facilitating team building exercises. When you choose MINES, you’re not just selecting a service provider; you’re forging a partnership with a dedicated team deeply committed to enhancing the overall wellbeing of your organization and its most vital resource – your employees.