Specialized Behavioral Health Nationwide

MINES offers a comprehensive national Behavioral Health PPO network with an extensive network of over 23,000 provider and facility locations. Leveraging our network discounts, MINES achieves a remarkable 69% reduction in claims costs, based on data from various Third-Party Administrators (TPAs). Our claims repricing services are facilitated by state-of-the-art EDI technology, ensuring fast, efficient, and precise processing.

The issue of provider access is a nationwide concern, but MINES provides a solution with our open network. Our proficient provider relations team can credential and onboard willing providers within just 24 hours, a stark contrast to the six months to a year typically required by other networks.

At MINES, we understand the challenges individuals face in navigating the complex world of healthcare. That’s why our patient navigators are here to assist your members in accessing the care they need. No more guesswork or frustration caused by online directories or unresponsive providers. Our patient navigators go the extra mile, making the calls for the member and providing them with the name and number of a provider who can promptly see them. This personalized support saves both time and frustration, greatly benefiting our members.

Furthermore, MINES offers nationwide telehealth coverage, which has become increasingly important in the wake of the pandemic. The convenience and effectiveness of virtual mental health outpatient treatment have been recognized by patients and therapists alike. It not only saves valuable time but also enhances accessibility to care, a trend that continues even as restrictions are gradually lifted. With MINES, we ensure that your members have access to quality care, whether in person or virtually, to support their mental health and overall wellbeing.

MINES has telehealth coverage nationally as well. With the pandemic, almost all mental health outpatient treatment was done virtually. Patients and therapists realized it was clinically effective, saved countless hours of drive time, and was easy to do. This trend has continued even as restrictions have begun to lift.

Employers seeking enhanced organizational support and improved workplace wellbeing can turn to MINES for comprehensive behavioral health services. Our offerings not only encompass network discounts but also prioritize access to care. MINES excels at creating specialized networks within our expansive network, ensuring guaranteed access to higher-paid providers. This can be achieved through various arrangements, including fee-based structures or the procurement of therapy sessions in advance. Timely access to treatment is paramount, as it often leads to a reduced number of sessions required for many mental health conditions, ultimately benefiting both employers and employees alike. Prioritize mental health and wellbeing with MINES today.

MINES goes beyond standard network leasing by offering expert claims repricing services to support organizational wellbeing and mental health. With cutting-edge EDI repricing technology, MINES ensures precise and efficient claims processing. Our commitment to quality assurance guarantees that claims are handled accurately and effectively. Recognizing the unique needs of each paying entity, MINES provides tailored EDI solutions and processes to align with specific requirements. Choose MINES for comprehensive organizational support, workplace wellbeing, and top-tier behavioral health services with specialized network discounts and claims repricing capabilities.

Licensed providers include psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, professional counselors, marriage & family therapists, psychiatric nurses, employee assistance professionals, and certified addictions counselors. MINES also contracts with certified nutrition and fitness coaches to support our wellness programs and trainings.

For questions regarding these services, to utilize these services, or to request a quote, please contact MINES and Associates at 1-800-873-7138 or Email Us and a MINES Team member will be happy to assist you.