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Organizational Development

MINES has the psychological, professional and business expertise to impact and resolve your difficult “people” issues and concerns at team, department and organizational levels. We are able to link the impact of people issues to your bottom line and then measure the changes made from our intervention for a clear picture of your return on investment. MINES saved one client over two million dollars with one breakthrough project.

To support your Organizational Development, MINES offers specialized EAP Programs centered around the following topics:

Whereas counseling is about healing, coaching is about growth and development. It promotes a collaborative process of helping others develop specific competencies that will contribute to their achieving superior individual and organizational performance. MINES can help:

  • Learn skills to lead to higher productivity
  • Clarify goals and develop a personal action plan
  • Develop strategies and skills to overcome obstacles
  • Enhance job satisfaction
  • Promote a spirit of discovery
  • Provide guidance on improving performance and boosting profits
  • Coaching Packages

Instills a stronger sense of pride in work, increases motivation and creates stronger interest in the field or trade. Mentoring supports a wide range of initiatives such as integrating cultural and organizational change, offering support to new recruits, reducing turnover and increasing retention of key talent. MINES can help:

  • Cultivate skills to develop partnerships that provide support, structure, and focus
  • Assist individuals in identifying, clarifying and achieving their professional goals
  • Provide guidance to help individuals improve job performance
  • Create opportunities for individual to use new skills
  • Facilitate better decision-making
  • Help individuals explore consequences of potential decisions

“The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision.”

-Theodore Hesburgh

Actively engages and integrates members into the organization’s culture and fosters a working environment that empowers people to develop their leadership and collaboration skills to enhance the future of the organization. MINES can help:

  • Develop future leaders of the organization in a systematic manner
  • Assist organization in its commitment to expertly manage resources, build relationships and exceed client expectations
  • Actively engage and integrate members into the organization’s culture
  • Foster a working environment that empowers people to develop their leadership and collaboration skills
  • Define the organization’s best practices and implement an operating agreement

Helps form teams with members who are committed to working together, able to appreciate and recognize individual contributions and actively participate and take responsibility for the team’s outcome. Establishes stronger connections with team members and the organization as a whole. MINES can help:

  • Create blueprint for developing and maintaining high-performance teams
  • Identify team problems and strategies for resolving them
  • Teach people how to be effective team members
  • Learn to appreciate and recognize individual contributions
  • Instill measures of accountability for team’s outcome

Organizational Development Programs

These programs are designed as successive workshops or classes and are conducted ever an extended period of time. Delivered in segments, the programs range from classes that are 2-8 hours in length and offered over a time span of 1-2 days to a period of up to 12 months. Methods of instruction include: lecture, interactive exercises, group discussions, role-plays, media clips, and field assignments. Please see below for our Organizational Psychology Services catalog for a complete list of services:

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MINES & Associates has been providing cost-saving behavioral health programs for our clients nationwide for over 40 years while retaining an excellent satisfaction rate with both employers and employees and industry leading utilization.

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