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Organizational Development

MINES’ organizational development branch, BizPsych, brings a wealth of psychological, professional, and business expertise to address and resolve complex personnel-related challenges and concerns within your teams, departments, and organization as a whole. Our comprehensive approach enables us to establish a direct connection between people-related issues and their influence on your bottom line. Through our carefully designed interventions, we can implement changes that will significantly impact your organization. Moreover, our ability to measure and analyze the outcomes of our interventions allows us to provide you with a clear understanding of your return on investment. Notably, MINES has previously achieved remarkable results by saving a client more than two million dollars through a single breakthrough project. If you’re seeking to enhance your employee support, implement corporate wellness programs, foster organizational development, and promote workplace wellbeing while advancing leadership development, MINES is your ideal partner.

To support your Organizational Development, MINES offers specialized EAP Programs centered around the following topics:

While counseling primarily focuses on healing, coaching is all about fostering growth and development. It’s a collaborative process aimed at helping individuals acquire specific competencies that will not only enhance their personal growth but also contribute to superior performance at both the individual and organizational levels. MINES is well-equipped to assist in this regard:

  1. Skill Enhancement for Productivity: We offer coaching to help individuals acquire the skills necessary for elevated productivity, leading to enhanced job performance.

  2. Goal Clarification and Action Plans: Our coaching services aid in clarifying goals and creating personalized action plans, ensuring individuals are on the path to success.

  3. Obstacle Overcoming Strategies: We equip individuals with strategies and skills to overcome obstacles that may hinder their progress, ultimately fostering job satisfaction.

  4. Fostering a Spirit of Discovery: Through coaching, we encourage individuals to embrace a spirit of discovery, enabling them to explore new avenues for growth.

  5. Performance Improvement and Profit Boosting: Our coaching services provide valuable guidance on improving overall performance, which can lead to increased profits for your organization.

If you’re seeking comprehensive employee support, considering the implementation of corporate wellness programs, striving for organizational development, or aiming to enhance workplace wellbeing and leadership development, explore our tailored coaching packages to unlock your team’s full potential.

Elevating workplace wellbeing and fostering leadership development are essential aspects of any successful organization. Here at MINES, we understand the significance of instilling a stronger sense of pride in work, increasing motivation, and nurturing a deeper interest in one’s field or trade. One of the effective tools we offer to achieve these goals is mentoring, which can support various crucial initiatives, including organizational development, corporate wellness programs, and employee support.

Our mentoring services encompass a broad spectrum, making a positive impact in several key areas:

  1. Building Supportive Partnerships: We help individuals cultivate the skills necessary to establish partnerships that provide the support, structure, and focus required for professional growth.

  2. Professional Goal Achievement: MINES offers guidance to assist individuals in identifying, clarifying, and ultimately achieving their professional goals, a vital component of workplace wellbeing.

  3. Enhancing Job Performance: Our mentoring programs provide valuable insights to help individuals improve their job performance, which, in turn, contributes to leadership development.

  4. Utilizing New Skills: We create opportunities for individuals to effectively use newly acquired skills, promoting their professional growth and overall wellbeing.

  5. Facilitating Decision-Making: Our mentors facilitate better decision-making processes, empowering individuals to make informed choices that align with their career objectives.

  6. Exploring Consequences: We guide individuals in exploring the potential consequences of their decisions, ensuring they are well-prepared for the paths they choose.

In the words of Theodore Hesburgh, “The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision.” With MINES, you can harness the power of mentoring to develop a clear vision for leadership, employee support, corporate wellness programs, and organizational development, all of which are integral to achieving workplace wellbeing and success.

Fostering a culture of workplace wellbeing, employee support, and leadership development is a core foundation of any thriving organization. At MINES, we believe in actively engaging and integrating members into the organizational culture, creating a collaborative environment that empowers individuals to develop their leadership and teamwork skills. Our comprehensive approach extends to various facets, including corporate wellness programs, organizational development, and leadership development.

Our services are tailored to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Systematic Leadership Development: MINES excels at developing future leaders within your organization through a systematic and strategic approach. This approach ensures that leadership qualities are nurtured, setting the stage for continued success.
  2. Resource Management: We assist organizations in expertly managing their resources, building strong relationships, and consistently exceeding client expectations. These facets are integral to corporate wellness programs and organizational development.
  3. Cultural Integration: Actively engaging and integrating members into the organization’s culture is pivotal for creating a cohesive and motivated workforce. This practice underpins employee support and enhances workplace wellbeing.
  4. Empowering Talent: We actively foster a working environment that empowers individuals to harness their leadership and collaboration skills, providing them with the tools needed to thrive and contribute to the organization’s future.
  5. Best Practices Implementation: MINES helps define and implement best practices within your organization. These practices, including operating agreements, serve as the cornerstone of organizational development and future growth.

As you navigate the path of leadership development, organizational growth, and corporate wellness programs, rely on MINES to support your journey. We understand that the future of your organization depends on nurturing leadership, cultivating a positive culture, and promoting employee support and workplace wellbeing.

MINES specializes in facilitating the creation of high-performance teams, fostering commitment, cooperation, and a culture of recognition. Our comprehensive approach is designed to empower teams to proactively engage, cooperate, and assume responsibility for achieving successful outcomes. By leveraging our expertise, you can strengthen connections not only within your teams but also between team members and the organization as a whole.

Here’s how MINES can support your journey towards high-performance teamwork:

  1. Blueprint for Excellence: We provide a tailored blueprint for the development and sustained performance of high-achieving teams. This roadmap is designed to cultivate a team culture that consistently surpasses expectations.

  2. Problem Identification and Resolution: We help identify team-related issues and collaborate on effective strategies for resolution. Our goal is to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and collaboration.

  3. Effective Team Member Training: Through our specialized training programs, individuals within your teams can acquire the essential skills and knowledge to become more effective, productive, and harmonious team members.

  4. Recognition and Appreciation: We emphasize the importance of acknowledging and appreciating individual contributions within a team. This fosters a supportive and motivating team environment where each team member’s value is recognized and celebrated.

  5. Accountability Measures: Establishing clear accountability measures is essential for any team’s success. MINES assists in defining and implementing these measures to ensure the team’s goals and outcomes are met efficiently and effectively.

By partnering with MINES, you’ll benefit from our comprehensive approach to team development, optimizing employee support, implementing corporate wellness programs, enhancing organizational development, promoting workplace wellbeing, and elevating leadership development initiatives. This holistic strategy will empower your teams to reach new heights of achievement and success.

Our array of programs is strategically crafted to cater to your organization’s unique needs, promoting comprehensive employee support, corporate wellness programs, organizational development, workplace wellbeing, and leadership development. These programs are structured as a series of consecutive workshops or classes, carefully conducted over an extended duration.

Program Highlights:

  • Progressive Learning: Our programs are organized as a sequence of workshops or classes, each building upon the knowledge and skills gained in the previous one. They are available in a range of formats, from 2 to 8-hour classes spanning 1 to 2 days, to more extensive programs extending up to 12 months. This approach allows for gradual, in-depth learning tailored to your organization’s specific requirements.

  • Diverse Instructional Approaches: To ensure an engaging and impactful learning experience, we employ a wide range of instructional methods. These include traditional lectures, interactive exercises, group discussions, role-play scenarios, multimedia clips, and practical field assignments. By offering various teaching methods, we accommodate diverse learning preferences and create a holistic understanding of the program content.

Our offerings span a broad spectrum to meet your organization’s goals and challenges. Our commitment to supporting your organization’s growth is reflected in the comprehensive program catalog.

At MINES, we understand that a well-supported workforce, a focus on corporate wellness, robust organizational development, an emphasis on workplace wellbeing, and investment in leadership development are critical for your organization’s success.

Please see below for our Organizational Psychology Services catalog for a complete list of services:

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For over four decades, MINES has been at the forefront of delivering impactful behavioral health programs nationwide. Our unwavering commitment to providing innovative solutions and unwavering support to our clients has resulted in substantial cost savings. We are proud to maintain an exceptional satisfaction rate among both employers and employees, demonstrating our dedication to their well-being.

Our industry-leading utilization rates are a testament to the effectiveness of our services, fostering employee support, corporate wellness programs, organizational development, workplace wellbeing, and leadership development. We take pride in our legacy of service and continue to lead the way in optimizing employee support, implementing corporate wellness programs, enhancing organizational development, promoting workplace wellbeing, and elevating leadership development initiatives for our clients across the nation.

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