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Total Wellbeing Communications

TotalWellbeing is our way of connecting the 8 core dimensions of wellness: Physical, Occupational, Intellectual, Environmental, Financial, Social, Spiritual, and Emotional Wellness to everyday life through regular communications, educational opportunities, and resources designed to equip individuals with helpful and practical knowledge. These tools can be used everyday to strengthen resilience, increase wellbeing, and improve work/life balance. MINES’ TotalWellbeing communications not only provide helpful resources, but also serve as a way to increase engagement with the Employee Assistance Program. We encourage anyone to email us directly with questions or needs around wellness topics, comment on our blog or social media posts to let us know their thoughts and what they’d like to see more of, and of course to let us know if there are additional ways we can help in any way possible.

Quarterly Wellness Publications

Leadership is designed with supervisors, managers, stewards, and others in leadership positions in mind. Each issue collects resources on leadership-specific skills and challenges including workplace policy, team-building ideas, boosting productivity, enhancing morale, communication techniques, safety considerations, conflict management, workplace wellness, and more to help address the many moment-to-moment issues that face leadership every day.

Access the 3rd Quarter 2024 edition here.

BalancedLiving is your quarterly wellness resource designed for anyone looking to balance work, family, and time to enhance their wellbeing. We tackle topics like stress, nutrition, fitness, communication, personal development, family issues, safety, and more. Every issue we strive to provide resources packed with helpful tips, informative articles, mindfulness exercises, and healthy recipes to help live a healthier balanced life. Click the cover image below to view and download the latest issue.

Access the Summer 2024 edition here.

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