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Your Rights Against Religious Discrimination
October 26, 2011

My Mom has always told me not to discuss politics or religion at work and she often reminds me when I have told her about my conversations at work. She disagrees I should be so “open.” I have always had a hard time remembering that everyone doesn’t have such a willingness to share personal information as I do. I don’t get offended if someone doesn’t share my beliefs; I become curious. I want to understand more about that individual.

But this “openness” isn’t shared by everyone so I have to keep that in check. What may seem like a curious statement to me could truly offend someone else. It became clear when my mom said, “You may be okay with it but someone else could strongly disagree with your beliefs and I don’t want you to be affected by that.” I have decided to try and leave my personal beliefs at home but it’s not so easy for others. Please read this week’s article to learn our rights from religious discrimination.

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Britney Kirsch
Account Manager