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EAPs That Do More

  • Full organizational support: MINES EAP serves to bolster individual employees and fortify overall organizational productivity.
  • Holistic Approach: MINES uniquely blends expertise in health psychology and organizational psychology, setting us apart from other providers.
  • Comprehensive Programs: Beyond conventional EAP offerings, MINES extends services to specialized providers and wellness coaching tailored to organization-specific needs for tailored support.

Managed & Compassionate Care

  • Patient Advocacy: At MINES, we’re committed to tailoring precise care to each patient’s unique needs. Our dedicated Case Managers serve as staunch advocates, guiding patients through their healthcare journey.
  • Managing treatment: MINES ensures tailored care for patients’ unique needs, including comprehensive aftercare support. Our holistic approach involves close collaboration with healthcare providers, advocating for personalized treatments.
  • Cost Control: MINES manages costs by focusing on inpatient treatment episodes and leveraging a national PPO specialty network for outpatient services, ensuring cost-effectiveness with high care standards.

Onsite Clinics: Support Where It's Needed Most

  • Leading the charge: MINES leads in behavioral health care partnerships, enhancing employee support and workplace wellbeing through onsite medical clinics.
  • True clinical partner: Collaborating with national partners, MINES provides tailored onsite counseling, psychology, and psychiatric services, prioritizing mental health with easy patient access.
  • Experience and expertise: MINES offers trusted clinical expertise and prioritizes mental health and work-life balance in onsite or virtual clinics, ensuring extensive experience, clinical expertise, and provider familiarity.

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