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Use or Abuse? Diagnosing Dependency
April 4, 2011

I would be surprised, perhaps shocked, if anyone reading this introduction hasn’t been touched by addiction in one way or another. My Dad was determined to see that my sisters and I didn’t fall down the slippery slope of addiction. Although he raised us with early curfews and strict rules he knew he could never be too sure with three teenage daughters.

One day after school, my sisters and I were stunned to find our Dad in the front seat of our minivan, waiting for us outside of our school. He had never, and I mean never, picked us up from school. But as soon as we hopped in the car he said, “Girls, we’re going to Kenai!” We lived in a small town in Alaska called Soldotna and Kenai was a town 15 minutes away. Living on a small peninsula in Alaska, there aren’t too many places to go so we had ourselves convinced our Dad had finally come around, he was going to loosen his grip and take us shopping! Fifteen minutes later we pulled up to a white building; this couldn’t be good. The building resembled a courthouse, not a shopping center. No, this definitely wasn’t good. Neither was the no-nonsense look on my Dad’s face. He explained to us that we would be driving soon, and in order to get our licenses we had to pass a drug test. “You have to be kidding me,” I loudly yelled, in my head of course, “I could be watching Charles in Charge!” We followed all the rules, we got excellent grades and we were good kids! Nonetheless, we each had to take the test. We all passed.

My sisters and I look back at this story and laugh. Although he was a bit extreme, I think he must have known how quickly drugs can impact your life. Please join us in April as we focus on a tough yet important topic with our monthly theme, “Overcoming Addictions.”

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Britney Kirsch
Account Manager