According to a new book titled Transcend, by Ray Kurzweil there are 9 steps we can follow that create wellness and forestall aging and disease processes.  Here are the steps:

1) Talk with your doctor

2) Relaxation

3) Assessment

4) Nutrition

5) Supplements

6) Calorie Reduction

7) Exercise

8 New Technologies

9) Detoxification

You grew older today, but did you age as well?  If you drank a few cups of green tea, had five servings of fruits and vegetables, exercised for at least 30 minutes at your target heart rate, took nutritional supplements optimized for your age and health situation, spent quality time with close friends and loved ones, had a romantic time with your spouse or significant other, and got 8 hours of quality sleep, then you probably aged very little if at all.

Posted by Ian

Sales Consultant at MINES