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May 2015:  Be Aware of Your EnvironmentalWellbeing

Wellness through Awareness!

Welcome to the May issue of TotalWellbeing! As summer is around the corner and we begin to shed our winter layers and enjoy the great outdoors we wanted to take a moment and talk about the relationship with the environment and our wellbeing. From global climate change and mass pollution, to local weather patterns and seasonal allergies, environmental wellbeing has far reaching effects on both the macro and micro scale. It is this near and far nature of the global environment, and its effect on peoples’ wellbeing all across the world that must be taken into account when we continue to interact with our own environment throughout our lives. To explore this dimension more closely please read The Path, below.

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The Path

Environmental wellbeing is a hot topic these days, but its importance cannot be understated. The environment feeds us, gives us water to drink, provides the air we breathe, and more. If we want our environment to keep providing these things for us, we must take care of it and in turn the environment will continue to take care of us. The old saying “think globally, act locally” has never been more true. Always be aware of how your actions affect your local environment and in turn how your local environment contributes to the larger global scale of things. Because what affects your neighborhood’s stream, affects your state’s rivers, which then affect the world’s oceans.

Environmental Wellbeing resources:

The European Environment Agency has been researching how the natural environment can benefit our health and the importance of taking a broad systemic approach to environmental wellbeing. See what they have to say about this critical issue! Read Article Here

Ever wonder how your environment affects our repertory health, skin condition, or even cancer? Well the CDC certainly has. See what they say about some critical connections they have found between our health and environmental factors! Read CDC Report Here

 Chakra To Your Senses

Many cultures believe in Chakras (shock-ras) which are, simply put, energy centers in your body that govern various aspects of your physiology. We will stay away from the spiritual aspects of these and instead focus on the concept behind them to bring you more ways to nurture you body as well as mind. Click here to see a complete list of the 7 chakras and their properties.

Chakras to nurture this month: Crown and Third-Eye Chakras

In order to support your environmental wellbeing it will be important to be aware of and nurture your Root and Solar Plexus Chakras. The Root Chakra in the base of your spine, and the Solar Plexus Chakra located just above your naval, are your center will, motivation, vitality, sense of survival, grounding, and stability. These Chakras can be supported by doing things that invigorate your senses and that bring you a sense of satisfaction. Try things like going hiking or swimming outdoors, or by trying a new outdoor hobby that allows you to enjoy the natural world while also doing something personally satisfying. Now get out there, have fun, and be well!

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