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May 2014: Intellectual & Financial Wellbeing

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Welcome to the May issue of TotalWellbeing! This month we will continue to focus on Intellectual wellbeing while bringing things back full circle by re-introducing one of our first topics of the year, financial wellbeing. Finances and intellect have a complex relationship that is difficult to discuss fully in a short amount of time and without looking at many aspects of the society in which we live, but we will do our best to look at the connection on a micro as well as macro level.

As always we had a lot of information coming from the MINES team last month. We saw the latest look into the complex world of how your decisions regarding your privacy play a key part in your health and the health of others. We explored how positive thinking and social support can help you overcome adversity. And of course the latest edition of Bridging the Gap helps tie the whole first quarter of 2014 together. We have lots planned coming up, so as usual we encourage you to head over to our blog to check out the latest updates, and let us know what you want to see from MINES.


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The Connection:

Intellectual & Financial Wellbeing

The connection between intellectual and financial wellbeing is a cycle that needs constant attention and if leveraged correctly can lead to increased opportunity and happiness in all areas of your life. As you gain experience and knowledge, you have the chance to work smarter rather than harder in order to grow your career, financial independence, and gain more time to enjoy what you love most in life and focus your mind where you please.On the flip side of things, people who are constantly struggling with making ends meet may not have time to properly educate themselves and may live with very high levels of stress.On the micro, or individual level, this has a drastic influence on one’s quality of life as well as their family. On the macro, or societal level, this has huge implications in the widening wealth gap between classes.

Intellectual Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing

It’s Never Too Late to Learn New Things!


Family Financial Problems

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It is important to learn new things. Weather it is something useful, something interesting, or just something fun, learning is an invaluable activity that should be done over your entire life. To help do just that, try a free course from where you can take courses and earn certificates in a variety of topics from cooking to exploring quantum physics!

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It’s obvious that your financial situation can affect your happiness and wellbeing, but what about those around you? Understanding how financial decisions can affect your family is critical, and to help here are some tips from that shed light on the many connections between the ones you love and your financial standing.

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