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Managing Change and Environmental Wellbeing

Welcome to the March 2019 edition of TotalWellbeing, your guide to the 8 dimensions of wellbeing. This month we are looking at the concept of change and how a change in our environments such as our home or our workplace affect us. Change is inevitable but the good news is that that there are healthy ways to manage change and keep disruption to a minimum. Take a look at these helpful articles, free webinars, and the information below to learn how to be a master of change and react positively to changes as they occur in your life.

If you missed us last month, last year, or you are new to TotalWellbeing, you can catch up on our newsletters page. Remember, this newsletter is aimed at providing helpful information about various aspects of your wellbeing and then connecting it all back to important and relevant parts of everyday life. We will continue to focus on looking at each facet of wellbeing from a small, personal, level and then look at how it connects to the bigger community level as we explore how our wellbeing is tied to the world around us in often surprising ways.

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Environment, Change, and the Workplace

Work and home are most likely the two environments that you spend most of your time in, and change in either, welcomed or not, can take getting used to and, furthermore, can cause disruption in your day to day life. While this article focuses on change in the workplace, several of the principals can be applied to change in any of your life’s environments. To help minimize the disruption that change causes to your environmental wellbeing it is important to follow the 4 A’s. Awareness, acceptance, attitude, and action. Be Aware of the changes going on and seek out information to help understand the change. Accept the change as something that is part of your environment now. Adjust your Attitude to focus on the positive aspects of the change. Develop your Actions to respond positively to the change by asking questions, learning new skills, or developing a network of people to help navigate the change together.

If you would like to talk to a counselor or wellness coach about these topics, please call us at 1-800-873-7138 to get connected right away. Also, PersonalAdvantage has a ton of great resources and FREE webinars this month to help you focus on your wellbeing while also being productive at work and home.

Question of the Month

What are 3 things you can do right now to prepare for and adapt to changes going on in your life?

Quote of the Month

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

― Albert Einstein

Community and Global Perspective

Our global and community environments are under constant change. Some changes happen slowly while others happen very fast. Social trends, the political landscape, the layout of our neighborhoods and cities are all aspects of our environment that shift as the thinking of the people within them shift. Within this framework, it is important to take part in the things you can help control. Vote, stay informed and help educate others, make your own social statements and choices around the people you associate with and the trends and styles you follow. These are all ways that you can stay on top of, participate in, and help influence the changes in your environment and your place within it. As for the things you can’t control, such as other people’s actions, the weather, socio-political issues, among others, it is best to stay informed and educate yourself around these issues so that you are prepared for change. However, resisting these shifts or trying to control what you cannot will only bring stress and distract you from the domains that you do have control over. Change what you can, prepare for what you cannot.

If you or a member of your household needs assistance or guidance on any of these wellbeing topics, please call MINES & Associates, your EAP, today for free, confidential, 24/7 assistance at 800.873.7138.

This Month’s Focus

Check out this month’s webinar: Resilience in Times of Change


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