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Welcome to the June 2019 edition of TotalWellbeing, your guide to the 8 dimensions of wellbeing. This month we look at your intellectual wellbeing and how the health of your mind and body are connected. It is important to understand this connection because health issues can often have both physical and cognitive or emotional symptoms or effects. It is critical to take care of both your mind and your body to maintain your wellbeing and good health. To help you stay mindful of the mind-body connection take a look at these helpful articles, free webinars, and the information below.

If you missed us last month, last year, or you are new to TotalWellbeing, you can catch up on our newsletters page. Remember, this newsletter is aimed at providing helpful information about various aspects of your wellbeing and then connecting it all back to important and relevant parts of everyday life. We will continue to focus on looking at each facet of wellbeing from a small, personal, level and then look at how it connects to the bigger community level as we explore how our wellbeing is tied to the world around us in often surprising ways.

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What affects one, affects the other

Last month was Mental Health Awareness Month and we spent a good part of it putting out information, resources, and ideas around the current state of behavioral health and treatment. One word keeps coming up as we look through these issues, and that word is “STIGMA!” Today people everywhere often have a hard time admitting, even to themselves that they may need some form of treatment for a behavioral or emotional issue. When faced with this sort of aversion to seeking help sometimes it can be helpful to remember that your mind and body are one thing. You wouldn’t hesitate to go see a doctor if you broke your arm or had a bad stomachache. So why hesitate when you have emotional pain, or suffer from chronic stress or anxiety? Please remember that your mind is a crucial part of your body and deserves the care and attention that the rest of your body does!

If you or a household member has anything they would like to talk to a counselor about, please call us at 1-800-873-7138 to get connected right away. Also, PersonalAdvantage has a ton of great resources and FREE webinars this month to help you focus on your wellbeing while also being productive at work and home.

Question of the Month

Think of a physical activity that you enjoy. What are some mental and emotional principles of that activity? What are other areas of your life where you could apply these mental principals?

Quote of the Month

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha

Community and Global Perspective

One very interesting global example of the mind-body perspective is to look at the differences in Eastern and Western medicine. Western medicine tends to focus on each individual part of the body, breaking everything down into their sub-parts and often having a specialist for each one like a dermatologist, a podiatrist, and a psychologist. Meanwhile, Eastern medicine tends to be more holistic and connect everything back to the whole and treats body, mind, and energy as one. While we won’t get into which philosophy is more accurate or effective at treating specific issues, it can be said that the more you understand your body and mind as a single connected whole, the better you can understand how something in your mind can affect your body and vice versa.

If you or a member of your household needs assistance or guidance on any of these wellbeing topics, please call MINES & Associates, your EAP, today for free, confidential, 24/7 assistance at 800.873.7138.

This Month’s Focus

Check out this month’s webinar: Master Your Mind: Emotional & Physical Health Connections


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