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February 2016: Social Wellbeing

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Welcome to the February issue of TotalWellbeing! For being the shortest month of the year there sure is a lot packed into February this year. We have Valentine’s Day, the Academy Awards for the film buffs out there, and let’s not all forget the Super Bowl! But luckily every four years we get an extra day to handle all this craziness, and this year happens to be one of those years. What will you be up to this February 29th? That is a question we will be asking all month long and we encourage you to use the day for something fun or productive. For inspiration you might think about our theme this month, Physical Wellbeing. For a closer look at this month’s topic and helpful resources please check out The Path and The Connection below.

We hope you saw our post on MINESblog last month. In case you missed it we celebrated our 35th anniversary at the beginning of this year, check out the evolution of MINES as your EAP and see how we’ve changed over the last few decades. Thank you to everyone that has made this occasion possible.

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The Path: Physical Wellbeing and Goal Setting

Physical wellbeing has a great impact on your overall health. If you wish to be physically healthy throughout your life, fitness and nutrition are concepts that you need to consider on a daily basis. If you’ve not thought about this before, a great place to start is to figure out what you’re trying to achieve. What are your physical wellbeing goals? This is an important question no matter what your status of wellbeing actually is. Whether you’re starting a new workout program, trying a new diet for a New Year’s resolution, or working out is simply part of your daily routine, you need to have goals. When creating goals, think SMART. That means create goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Goals not only give you a source of motivation and a target to shoot for, goals can help guide you along your path so that you don’t get lost or give up along the way. Goals may be the single most important part of your wellbeing regimen. It is never too late to start goal setting. In fact, right now if you said, “I am going to make a goal,” then congratulations! You’ve taken the first step and are well on your way. See, it’s that easy!

Tips for you:

Physical wellbeing isn’t all about being active, it’s also about making sure your mind and body are getting the fuel and rest they need for activity. Check out’s findings on the interconnectedness of physical wellbeing and the balance between exercise and sleep.

Read the full article here!

The Connection: Get Involved

Wellbeing does not simply start and stop at the individual. Our community is connected to each of our own individual wellbeing in a huge way. When we are well we can better function within our community.  We can help our fellow humans thrive, and in turn, when our community is prospering, it helps each of us reach our goals as individuals. So why not help our community so we can all thrive together? Each month we will strive to bring you resources that can help you enhance the wellbeing of those around you or get involved with important causes.

Community Wellbeing Resources:

Friends, family, and sometimes even strangers can be a huge source of motivation. If working out and training is hard to get into, try joining a class or training for an event to give you the push you need. To help with this, can help you find exciting events near you so you can start getting involved!

Check it out here!

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