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De-cluttering Your Life and Spiritual Wellbeing

Welcome to the April 2019 edition of TotalWellbeing, your guide to the 8 dimensions of wellbeing. This month’s focus is on de-cluttering which involves getting rid of stuff you don’t need that distracts you from what you actually want to focus on. We will also touch on Spiritual Wellbeing which is your overall sense of purpose and connection to the world around you. First, clutter can be physical, but it can also be mental or emotional. The important thing to remember is that clutter in any form can get in your way and overcomplicate issues that you may be dealing with. Too much clutter and your sense of purpose and motivation can suffer. By simplifying areas of your life, finding solutions and reaching goals become much easier, and the path to success much clearer. Take a look at these helpful articles, free webinars, and the information below for ways to connect better with the world around you and help you get rid of the pesky clutter that’s distracting you from your wellbeing.

If you missed us last month, last year, or you are new to TotalWellbeing, you can catch up on our newsletters page. Remember, this newsletter is aimed at providing helpful information about various aspects of your wellbeing and then connecting it all back to important and relevant parts of everyday life. We will continue to focus on looking at each facet of wellbeing from a small, personal, level and then look at how it connects to the bigger community level as we explore how our wellbeing is tied to the world around us in often surprising ways.

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Less is more, stay mindful

One way to simplify your life is to practice mindfulness — to slow down and recognize and appreciate the simple things in life. To be mindful instead of mindless, stay in the moment and be conscious of what you’re doing. Don’t think ahead or look back.

When we look ahead constantly, we not only rush through the less pleasant tasks, we also tend to hurry through the things we love to do, because we’re always thinking or worrying about what we have to do next.

A good way to practice being in the moment is to follow your breath, a technique that doesn’t require any special training or self-consciousness. To breathe mindfully, take notice of your breaths and try to make them as calm and even as possible. Your breaths should be long and slow and should come from your diaphragm rather than your upper chest. Pay attention to each breath, letting thoughts fall away. For more check out this article.

If you would like to talk to a counselor or wellness coach about these topics, please call us at 1-800-873-7138 to get connected right away. Also, PersonalAdvantage has a ton of great resources and FREE webinars this month to help you focus on your wellbeing while also being productive at work and home.

Question of the Month

What is one small thing you can start doing every day to help de-clutter your work or living spaces?

Quote of the Month

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” — Confucius

Community and Global Perspective

A simple way of enhancing your Spiritual wellbeing is by connecting with others around you and getting a sense of their feelings about their own purpose and meaning. Connect with friends, neighbors, and family members. What are their goals? What drives them? How do they approach each day with purpose? On one hand, you may find inspiration and shared meaning with those that mirror your aspirations, and on the other hand, you may be able to help others find what they need to renew their own sense of connection and meaning. By connecting with more people you will be exposed to a variety of viewpoints, beliefs, and lifestyles that will open your mind to new ideas as well as reinforce what’s already inside you strengthening your own sense of purpose at the same time.

If you or a member of your household needs assistance or guidance on any of these wellbeing topics, please call MINES & Associates, your EAP, today for free, confidential, 24/7 assistance at 800.873.7138.

This Month’s Focus

Check out this month’s webinar: Clear Your Clutter


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