The Problem

Employer costs related to mental health, substance abuse, and behavioral risk management have skyrocketed.
The costs of personal problems are high and the impact on the organization may be devastating. MINES can help…

  • Mental health/substance abuse costs currently reflect between 15 and 24 percent of total health care costs.
  • Alcoholism is costing U.S. industry more than $100 billion a year.
  • The cost of drug and alcohol abuse in the business community approaches $16.6 billion a year.
  • Alcoholic employees are likely to submit 12 times the health insurance claims than those of other employees.
  • Almost 65% of all job terminations are related to emotional problems.
  • Absenteeism, lost productivity, accidents, sick leave and insurance payments can amount to as much as 25% of payroll costs.
  • Claims for work related mental stress account for 15% of all workers’ comp claims.
  • ADA lawsuits related to mental health are 20% of claims.
  • The costs of clinical depression ($24 billion) are elevated because the age group that is most vulnerable (30 to 44) is the same age group that comprises the largest portion of America’s labor force.
  • About 43% of senior managers say that they’ve had a violent incident (fight, weapon at work, property damage, etc.) in their workplace in the past 3 years.
  • Sexual harassment lawsuits have cost employees millions of dollars.

Our Solutions

  • Managed Mental Health Care: provides cost control for mental health care benefits.
  • Employee & Member Assistance Programs: provide confidential help for employees and their household members.
  • Preferred Provider Organization: provides oversite of mental health services at cost effective rates.
  • Organizational Development: provides direction for organizational improvement.
  • Disease Management: provides tools for employees with chronic illness to improve quality of life while reducing healthcare costs of preventable acute care episodes.
  • Behavioral Risk Management: provides evaluation of risk from a behavioral viewpoint.
  • Specialty Programs: provides state-of-the art skills, information and training technology to enrich intellectual capital.

EAP/MAP returns on investments range from $8 to $20 for every $1 spent.