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Saving for Your Child’s Education
September 6, 2011

This Labor Day weekend one of my best friends was surprised with the arrival of her first child. My husband and I had been on vacation in Pennsylvania when the baby arrived, but as soon as the plane landed yesterday we drove straight to the hospital to welcome him into the world. As we were walking down to her room, I found myself getting choked up and as soon as I saw him I began to cry.

Later that night, I finally pinpointed why I was so emotional. Looking at my friend and her new miracle, I could see how much her world had changed in one day. My friend and I experienced it all together: college, break-ups, new jobs, and all of the joys and regrets that your 20’s can offer. We are so much alike and in a second her world became all about this 6lb. 14 oz. human being. I wasn’t crying because I felt like I lost her as a friend, I cried because I saw how much her life was about to change as a mother. It was a beautiful moment.

Maybe I am more affected by these moments because having a child is closer to becoming a reality in my life, but in that moment at the hospital, I felt the magnitude of the decision to start a family. I am not even sure we could afford all the hospital bills, diapers, and formula, let alone putting money away for his or her college tuition. This week’s communication is a quick guide to all those parents who have experienced the miracle of parenthood and are ready to start saving for their future!

Please join us this September for our monthly theme, Education Excellence.

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Britney Kirsch
Account Manager