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Quiz Yourself: Adult Immunizations
August 15, 2011

This month we are focusing on immunizations for all ages and this week we are challenging you take a brief quiz to test your knowledge on Adult Immunizations! I failed miserably but that could be because I am in denial that I have to continue to receive shots! Again, please be sure to check with your medical provider for any further information on these topics.

Also, please remember to register for the third installment of our HR Webinar on Organizational Assessments, “The Fine Art of Report Writing” – a description is included below to be held on August 17th!

The Fine Art of Report Writing – Register!

During the organizational assessment a great deal of data is collected and recorded. The data that is fed back to the organization (sometimes a specific target group of the assessment) is what we call “The Report.” This webinar will focus on all of the considerations of how to compile, organize, analyze, and feed the data back in a constructive manner to the client organization or “team.” As always, examples of real life case studies will be shared in the context of The Fine Art of Report Writing.

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Britney Kirsch
Account Manager