How long does it take you to get into see your physician when you have an illness such as a sore throat, the flu, when your child has an ear ache, or similar type of medical problem? How many times have you wished you could talk to a doctor just to get an informed opinion about drug side effects, or how to manage an injury? How much time away from work do these appointments cost you? If you go after hours to urgent care or emergency care when a simple call would have allowed you to manage a problem, what did it cost you in time and money?

This is a true story. A friend of mine has a two year old with a history of earaches. Her child had an ear ache at two in the morning. She called her pediatrician and asked him to write a prescription for the child. He had prescribed for this child, for this problem before. He refused to do it over the phone and she had to go to an emergency room to get the prescription. She had a high deductible and $1,400 later she had her prescription. She could have saved this money completely, plus the stress of taking a two year old out in the middle of the night, if she had the CADR+ services. If you were her employer, how productive do you think she was the next day with the level of sleep deprivation she incurred? What did it cost you as an employer to have her distracted by the financial stress and fatigue?

MINES is committed to early access to care whether it is for behavioral health or medical issues. To that end, MINES has partnered with Call A Doctor Plus (CADR+, powered by Teledoc) to provide 24/7 access to physician care for non-emergency medical advice and care with no co-pay. The reason MINES is offering this is to reduce the stress of trying to access care in most medical systems, help individual employees and their families manage the high deductibles that are ubiquitous in most employer or exchange plans, and to get people on the path to health as early as possible to reduce the overall costs to their employers. MINES’ CADR+ program also has a wellness card powered by Welldyne that gives discounts on dental, vision, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies. Furthermore, MINES’ product can also offer free legal/financial consults for a half-hour plus a discount with the attorney or financial professional if further services are needed.

Telemedicine is an important innovation in healthcare delivery on both the behavioral and medical sides, and currently all but two states allow it.

How does CADR+ fit in with your organization’s productivity and performance strategy? CADR+ can be purchased by the employer for all employees, can be offered as a voluntary benefit, or purchased individually. All enrollees in the CADR+ program can also cover up to 5 additional family members with unlimited consultations a year. Please contact us if you would to improve your organization’s performance related to managing medical issues before they get out of hand.

Remember! Allow yourself to be calm, centered, and serene as you extend kindness to everyone you meet today.


Robert A. Mines, Ph.D., CEO & Psychologist