In past posts I have discussed various concepts such as where your mind goes the energy goes, beliefs and assumptions, relaxation techniques, managing stress for optimal performance and other techniques. Today, I want to discuss the role of curiousity and non-attachment in performance. When you awaken, do you start your day with a sense of curiosity or dread? Today’s Bronco/Bengal football game was a perfect example of being curious, nonattached to the outcome and realizing that life presents us opportunities to perform that we could never plan for. The Broncos were behind 6-7 with 38 seconds left. They were on the 14 yard line, had one incomplete pass and attempted a second. The pass was tipped away from the primary receiver and a second receiver from the Broncos was in the area. He caught the ball and ran 86 yards for the go ahead touchdown. The Broncos won the game.  Each day we get to train/prepare for opportunities that may occur tomorrow. Being curious and nonattached to outcome allows us to perform to our best and the outcome may not be in our hands as the Broncos and Bengals found out today. This is the case in business and our personal lives as well as sports.

Have a day filled with equanimity,


Robert A. Mines, Ph.D.

CEO & Licensed Psychologist