MINES provides expert Fit-for-Duty evaluations that have been used and trusted by numerous municipalities and public safety entities over the years. Working with our contacts in the City, MINES would be able to ascertain the specific needs particular to the City of Aurora to provide in-depth, custom evaluations. Features and goals of MINES Fit-for-Duty services include:

Communication between HR and EAP

Including communication via phone or face-to-face with all relevant workplace personnel and EAP to provide:

  1. Input on all concerns about employee from the workplace perspective
  2. All relevant documentation
    • Core problems
    • Job duties
    • Requirements of job
    • Safety sensitive or DOT?
  3. Information on what has been done by the workplace to resolve the problems (remedies)
  4. What corrective action has been done
  5. Any other considerations that workplace would like for us to consider
  6. Determination of level of intervention and letter or memo to determine course of action
    • Informal referral
    • Assessment of violence potential (if appropriate)
    • Workplace Performance Referral
    • Fitness for Duty

Fitness for Duty – done by a psychiatrist (M.D.) or Psychologist (Ph.D./PsyD)

The following basic information should be determined along with specific questions related to the client’s issues:

  1. Imminent danger – to self or others both personally and professionally
  2. Mental status
  3. Evidence of drug or alcohol problems
  4. Medication Assessment and any current medical problems
  5. Diagnoses on all five axes
  6. How client presents to doctor vs. what the workplace is saying about client’s condition
  7. Client’s ability to problem solve
  8. Evidence of ability to take responsibility for current state of affairs
  9. Ask client to explain why they are there vs. what has been disclosed by the workplace

Psychological Review and Follow-Up

MINES will consult with a psychiatrist or psychologist and ascertain that all pertinent questions have been answered and all concerns have been addressed including any recommendations from the psychiatrist or psychologist. At that point, the fitness for duty letter will be sent to the appropriate workplace contact.

MINES and Associates offers comprehensive psychological assessment services. Ideal for organizations and municipalities that serve in a public safety capacity, MINES Psychological Assessment testing helps identify an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and psychological traits that could impact their ability to perform on the job and help recognize any risk factors that may become a liability for the employer.

MINES testing methodology includes comprehensive personality and psychological evaluation performed by licensed psychologists with expert evaluation methods. These assessments include a self-report questionnaire, clinical interview, and the appropriate assessment(s) to fit your needs, may include, but not limited to, the CPI, MMPI, and SSI.

Assessment Types

  • Pre-Employment Testing
  • Conditional Offer Testing
  • Fit-for-Duty Testing

MINES recognizes that one test does not fit all. Each of these assessments can be customized to fit your needs in your department. MINES strives to work with our clients to develop a custom assessment process to give you the best and most accurate results which to provide the documentation needed to help you decide the best course of action with a potential or current employee.

Succession Planning Evaluation

MINES Psychological Assessments can also be utilized for top leadership evaluations. Core psychological traits related to cognitive complexity, emotional intelligence, and leadership qualities can be identified and evaluated to help discover who in your organization would make the best leaders for your organization.

For more information, please call Dr. Kimlinger at 303-952-4985 or Dr. Mines at 303-952-4982