Left to right: Dr. Richard Lindsey (MINES), Elizabeth Pace (PAS), and Dr. Robert Mines (MINES) at the 2017 Peer Assistance Annual Awareness Event

We are Honored

MINES and Associates is proud to announce that we have been the recipients of not one, but two 2017 Founder’s awards from the great people at Peer Assistance Services. Dr. Robert Mines, MINES and Associates founder and Chairman, and Dr. Richard Lindsey, former COO of MINES, have each been awarded the prestigious award for their work and support of Peer Assistance Services and their mission and were presented these awards at this year’s Peer Assistance Services Annual Awareness Event.

PAS History

First, a brief history and context around this award and the great work that Peer Assistance Services does every day. For those of you that don’t know Peer Assistance Services is a Colorado-based non-profit agency founded in 1984. Since their inception, PAS has been developing and implementing high-quality and accessible services in communities and workplaces all over Colorado to address substance abuse issues and the impact that has on our communities. They began by providing services to nurses suffering from substance abuse issues but have grown exponentially and today have a robust set of programs including Health Assistance Programs for a variety of industries, several community-based prevention programs, and the critical SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment) program that spreads awareness and helps identify need for substance abuse treatment. MINES is a proud a part of the SBIRT initiative, helping to screen at-risk individuals and triage treatment until the SAMHSA-funded SBIRT grant expired and continuing to integrate the SBIRT screening questions as part of our service delivery to this day.

The Founders Award is an award created in 1999 by Peer Assistance as a way to recognize various individuals and organizations for their support and contribution to the initiatives that PAS has set out to accomplish.

The Founders Award

As we mentioned, this year MINES was the proud recipient of two of these awards. We are told that no company has won two in one year before and obviously, we are very grateful and humbled to be recognized to this degree by such an outstanding organization as Peer Assistance Services.

The two awards were given to Dr. Robert Mines for his support of PAS with them stating “Last year, PAS lost a large contract requiring a 60% reduction in force. During this time, Bob provided consultation and debriefing to our executive management team. Expert MINES staff conducted employee transition meetings statewide to assist staff with the layoff. Transition meetings focused on change management including resources and training on how to access unemployment, resume writing, and other transition services. All of this was over and above the contracted services. We received numerous reports from employees about how much they appreciated the communication during this difficult time. We are so grateful to Bob for his leadership and counsel through the years.”

Dr. Richard Lindsey also received the award for his support with PAS stating “Rick provided clinical supervision for Peer Assistance Services staff for many years. His knowledge regarding substance use disorders and clinical practice was invaluable to agency staff working with diverse populations. He focused his professional attention on the development of delivery systems that optimally combine the best human and technological practices toward the alleviation of pain and suffering. This skill set was indispensable to the partnership with PAS and the Colorado SBIRT program. He shepherded individuals through the SBIRT referral process, ensuring seamless service delivery.  He was a member of the SBIRT strategic implementation team for many years, providing expert consultation on policy and program implementation. We are grateful to Rick for his support, his many kindnesses, and remarkable expertise.”

Thank you!

In the wake of these awards we want to take this opportunity to thank Peer Assistance Services for these awards and the honor of allowing MINES to be a part of their admirable mission and vision, and collaborating with MINES on so many great projects. We thank them for continuing to fight substance abuse and provide support to so many people that desperately need help. We hope to continue to work with PAS for years to come and strive to support our communities in becoming healthier and happier and to make substance abuse and mental health services higher quality and more accessible to all. Thank you to everyone at Peer Assistance Services for the work you do every day!


To your wellbeing,

The MINES Team