1. move or jump suddenly or rapidly upward or forward.

2. originate or arise from.

“emotion and creativity could spring from the same source”

Synonyms: Originate, derive, arise, stem, emanate, proceed, issue, evolve, come

All art springs from feelings.

Spring is a time of new beginnings and reawakening. It invites us, and everything around us, to emerge and unfold. I often see clients that are held back due to self limiting beliefs – about what they can or can’t do, what their company can or can’t achieve, or what they think their colleagues are willing or unwilling to do. After growing up in California, and going on 17 years of living in Colorado, I have come to truly appreciate spring. There is something intoxicating about seeing the days get longer and spring flowers bursting through the soil in a profusion of color.  I love the feeling of my toes twinkling with delight as they come out from hibernation; it’s like they are sensing the fresh air and warmth of the sunlight for the first time after being kept in the dark for so long with thick socks, shoes, and boots!

Their thoughts may be based on irrational beliefs, inaccurate information, unexamined assumptions, or unresolved pain from the past. Just like a plant needs nutrients, we need healthy “cognitive” nutrients for our brain and thinking patterns.

One particular client, Lucy (name changed!), held the limiting belief for many years that she was not good at networking. She would attend large professional conferences and be overwhelmed by how many people she didn’t know. She would engage in distancing behaviors during the breaks; check emails, make calls, and look preoccupied. Sure enough, she would leave the conferences with no new contacts which reaffirmed  to her that she was horrible at networking! Because her job required her to make new business contacts, she made a resolution to put this limiting belief behind her and embrace some positive, energizing beliefs.   She told herself;

“I can meet new people.”

“I will volunteer on a committee and get to know a few people.”

“I will ask them to introduce me to other people so I can continue to improve my networking skills.”

Guess what! By embracing those “spring forward” beliefs and replacing those formerly self-limiting beliefs, Lucy  is now the chair person of the membership committee and networking with confidence on a regular basis for her work.

I believe that when people are nurtured, they too blossom and unfold.  In the words of Anne LaMotte, “forgiveness is giving up all hope of having had a better past” so that we accept what was and let go of our hurt and disappointments. In doing so, we can spring forward, create new beginnings, and cultivate meaningful relationships. I invite you to nurture yourself this spring, pay close attention to what emerges, and embrace what unfolds in this season of new beginnings and awakening.



To Your Health and Wellbeing,

– Marcia