• Is a work-site based program.
  • Designed to assist businesses in addressing productivity issues.
  • Today’s economy puts workplace stress on many employees and their managers.
  • Assists employee in identifying and resolving personal concerns that may affect job performance.
  • Assists supervisor and business as well as employee:
  • The employee receives problem assessment and short term
    counseling for themselves and household members.
  • The supervisor has access to workplace consultation regarding work
    performance issues.
  • The business may participate in workshops, training programs,
    consultation and work/life services such as MINES & Associates’ BizPsych program.
  • Using an EAP will assist your employees in securing the help needed
  • Typical issues/problems that employees have:
  1. Relationship Issues
  2. Family Life Issues
  3. Stress Management (at home and at work)
  4. Addictions
  5. Emotional Difficulties
  6. Workplace Challenges
  7. Eldercare
  8. Childcare
  9. Legal Services
  10. Financial Services

Allan Benson, Mines and Associates