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In Language, Two is Better than One
October 18, 2011

My parents didn’t teach me a second language as a child, although I hear that if they had I would have learned it much quicker than I did in high school Spanish class. I loathed Spanish class. I could memorize the meaning of any word but if you asked me to make a sentence out of that word, forget it. It could have been because it was always the first class of the day or because I sat at a table with the cutest boy in school.

My Dad forced me to take the class. He said I wouldn’t get into college without two years of Spanish. I thought it was a scare tactic, much like; “If you don’t drink your milk you won’t be strong.” I know parents often use exaggerated statements to influence us to do what they want us to do. Nonetheless, I begrudgingly sat in Spanish class for two years.

As soon as I started my application to college I learned my Dad was right. I did need two years of a foreign language to meet the admission qualifications. Structuring a sentence in Spanish is still a struggle for me, but knowing just the meaning of certain words has provided enough knowledge to understand other languages with similar origins.

Nothing but positive can come from exploring another culture and committing to learn the language. I just wish I would have learned it at an age when I wasn’t so easily distracted by my crush in Spanish class.

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Britney Kirsch
Account Manager