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How to Beat Serious Stress
November 16, 2010


When I first started working at MINES, I entered into a meeting with my supervisor and I was greeted with a perplexed look as my supervisor gazed at my hand. Instantly, I realized he had seen the scribbles I had written on my skin in black ink that illegibly read, “Call Grandma.” A few hours earlier I had realized I was spending too much time during that day worrying that I would forget to call my Grandma on her birthday. The obvious solution was to write it on my hand so I wouldn’t forget and I could stop stressing about it. 

I thought I had stopped this habit in college; when I woke up too many times with my “reminders” on my cheek after a good night of sleep. But life gets busy and planners can only remind you to do something if you remember to open it and read the pages. Remembering all your “to-do’s” in a day can be stressful enough without all of the other curveballs life can throw you. This week’s communication offers some great tips to manage your stress without having to scrub your hand ten times!

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Britney Kirsch
Account Manager