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Household Chemicals: Safe Use, Storage, and Disposal
June 13, 2011

Freshman year of college I drove home nearly every other weekend. Although it was a four hour drive, I needed to get my laundry done, spend time with my family, and eat something besides pizza! I honestly couldn’t tell you if there was a laundry room in my dorm let alone where it was located but at some point I took some of my Mom’s half-used laundry products. It’s not that I didn’t know how to do my laundry, it was more like I was so poor I didn’t want to spend the money on detergent. This would actually be more cost-effective than driving home every other week even though gas was only a whopping $1.29/gallon then. Sigh.

As soon as I returned, my good intentions went out the door. I never did find the elusive laundry room. So the bleach and detergent made a temporary home in the trunk of my car. A few weeks later, I discovered the power of bleach.

One day I opened my trunk and instantly regretted transporting half-used bleach. I thought it would be safe, I mean it had a child-proof safety cap for goodness sake. How did it open? Regardless, the bleach crept out of its bottle and changed my grey upholstery to neon puke. I guess I had never poured bleach directly on anything or tried to use it on anything but whites. To this day I am terrified of using it. If I have to bleach towels, I wipe out the entire washing machine before putting in another load. I am guessing other people have discovered the power of bleach – hence the safety cap!

This week’s communication includes a household chemical and safety checklist!

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Britney Kirsch
Account Manager