You may or may not know that April is National Stress Awareness month, but on the flip side it is also National Poetry month (and for those trivia fans out there this month will also mark the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death). This is a nice juxtaposition if you ask us because it allows MINES the chance to bring you some stress-reducing, wellness-inspired poetry in the honor of these two great topics. Enjoy!

Haiku anyone?

Busy mind inside

Raging like a waterfall

Calmed by a deep breath

One more?

Always know that you

Are never alone, because

We are here for you

How about a Limerick?

An employee was once caught in a jam

Suffering stress like a final exam

They picked up the phone

And upon hearing the tone

Called the employee assistance program

And in the spirit of Shakespeare himself

A wellness sonnet:

Work/life balance can force you to juggle

Between fam’ly and work time can be rare

If you find that you have the same struggle

Do not forget there are people that care

Seek out the ways that you can vent your strife

Good food, good friends, or just a stroll outside

These can help calm the rough waters of life

Feel free, seek peace in ways that you decide

But don’t despair; worry can take its toll

Just say “goodbye” to your mental cargo

Sometimes the stress in life you can’t control

Patience, with time, you learn to let it go

Breathe deep, unwind, your stress you will succeed

If not a place like MINES is what you need

We hope you enjoyed, and remember that being creative, for example by writing, drawing, painting, writing music, and any other creative, productive activity, is great for your mind and overall wellbeing and is a great stress reducer. So get out there and create, we can guarantee you will be happy you did.

To your wellbeing,

The MINES Team