Benefit Fair Finale

Thanks to all of you who hosted us for our 45 benefit fairs.  It was enjoyable to spend time with you and your employees.  We sure did give away a lot of bears!

 Welcome To:

Insurance Management Services and its client companies who joined us on December 1.  IMS was formed in June 1983 with a mission of offering unequalled service for the self insured health benefits market. They are locally owned and operated exclusively out of Amarillo, Texas.

Congratulations to:

 Box Studios – Lynn Coit, principal and founding partner, who received the 2009 Woman of Vision Benefactor Award from the Colorado Real Estate Women for using her professional skills to serve her philanthropic interests.

 The Rise of the Tide: New Findings

A study from Harris, Rothenberg International (HRI), takes a close look at the change reflected in the work environment in 2008 and 2009, analyzing the changes that are indicative of today’s economic environment. The report was developed following an intensive review of EAPs and work-life balance queries.   The report concludes that the common thread linking nearly all workplace programs and queries is the economy and its effect on finances.

The study determined that calls to EAPs in the past year have increased in intensity and need. In 2008, HRI reports, there was a nearly 10 percent increase in the number of calls coming into EAP counselors overall, with a corresponding increase in the number of queries (13 percent) about financial services. Additionally, work-life balance calls also became increasingly focused on general financial assistance, including information about and referrals for mortgage assistance, rent subsidies, child and adult care subsidies, prescription assistance programs and others.

 During the past year, there have been alarming trends in the intensity of callers’ duress and need for EAP and work-life balance services, specifically for counseling and emotional support, emanating from difficult financial situations. EAP counselors indicate that employees say they are working more and that people are more pessimistic. People who have lost their jobs or fear losing their jobs are calling for information about and referrals for career consulting, resume preparation, low-cost health insurance and other related needs. And statistics show that there have been increases in 401(k) hardship withdrawals.

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