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CPC. This Academic Research Organization is an independent company staffed with business professionals who understand the complexities of clinical research and commercial drug development.  They are dedicated to improving health through clinical research and integrating evidence into community prevention programs.

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18th Judicial District, whose Mental Health Court celebrated its first anniversary, presenting tens of thousands of dollars in savings to taxpayers, along with a couple dozen success stories. The program, a collaboration between the staff at Arapahoe/Douglas Mental Health Network and the 18th Judicial District, diverts the mentally ill away from prison. The goal, those behind it say, is to shut the revolving door that moves the mentally ill in and out of jail or prison but rarely addresses the disease at the root of their crimes.

A chance to commit to treatment under the supervision of a judge is offered to people with serious mental illness who are charged with felonies that don’t involve violence or sex crimes. In exchange, they stay out of prison.  Congratulations on improving the human as well as financial condition.

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Peggy Hill, Account Manager
Britney Kirsch, Account Manager