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Give Immunizations Your Best Shot
August 2, 2011

The memories that we tend to hold on to are often tied to a strong emotion; fear, excitement, shock, and so on. This particular memory will never fade due to complete and utter shame. In fact, I probably shouldn’t even admit this story to my close friends let alone hundreds of people.

I have always been terrified of needles. Although, I can’t imagine anyone truly likes needles but I must say that it’s a blessing that I have little memory of the first few years of my life when I started getting vaccinations. I can’t even see a needle on television; I just close my eyes in horror.

The shameful incident took place several years ago. My little sister and I both shared a doctor’s appointment for our vaccinations. I was so in love with my little sister, Lexie. I dressed her, bathed her, fed her, and even tolerated hours upon hours of Barney just to see her happy. I was incredibly proud to be her big sister but when the doctor came through the door he pointed to me, insinuating I was first. I felt nauseous and my eyes started tearing up – I couldn’t go first! I was supposed to be the brave one and show Lexie that it would be okay. But no, I made a four-year old go first. Did I mention I was 14? Cringe. I know, I know – I am still completely ashamed. Good thing she doesn’t remember her first few years either!

A Health Booster, is our theme for August. Please join us this month while we aim to cover the basics of immunizations, from infants and children to the elderly.

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Britney Kirsch
Account Manager