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Friends are Good for Your Health 

October 19, 2010

Last Saturday, as I was sitting at the dinner table for my birthday, I looked around the table and felt so surrounded by love and togetherness. My closest friends, my grandparents, aunts, and parents had gathered to celebrate with me. This is not a normal gathering in my family, so I enjoyed every second. As we left the restaurant my friend leaned toward me and said, “You are so lucky.” I replied, “I am, but it’s a lot of work.” She looked at me confused for a moment until I explained to her how much time I invest in these relationships to make them as special as they are. It isn’t always easy but the return on investment is undeniably worth it. 

Friends contribute so much to our ability to walk through life with support while achieving our dreams and overcoming hardships. It is these meaningful relationships, whether it is family or the friends that you develop over your lifetime, that make your life experience so much richer.

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Britney Kirsch 

Account Manager