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Food and Aging

September 28, 2010

More often than I would like, I end up with coffee stains on my clothes by the end of the day. When entering into work in the morning I juggle my coffee and day planner in one hand, and my snacks, microwaveable lunch, and purse in the other – the stains are inevitable. One day in the grocery store I saw lunchboxes and I realized the answer to my coffee spills. I retired the possibility of owning a lunch box by junior high. Yet, when I saw what was written on the lunch box I had an epiphany: in big, bold letters it said “FUEL.” Why do I look at food as an obligation or sometimes even an enemy? I would never put diesel gas in my car because it wouldn’t work, but I’ll run into the gas station and grab donuts if I am “out of gas.”

Many people, including myself, don’t put enough thought about the “fuel” we put into our body. Food provides us with the nutrients and vitamins that keep our body running for many years to come.

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Britney Kirsch

Account Manager