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Conquering Those Hard-to-Break Habits
April 11, 2011

My motivation to kick my rear in gear usually starts about this time of year. Being in a swimsuit in January isn’t an option so all good intentions get ignored, but starting about April, I know I can’t hide behind my sweaters and jackets for much longer. I have to face all the bad habits I have been enabling since the previous summer; eating dinner in front of the TV, skipping breakfast and being so hungry at lunch that the quickest thing to grab is usually not healthy, and of course my favorite winter activity of cozying up on the couch with Netflix instead of hitting the gym.

This go around I was lucky enough to speak with one of our nutritional affiliates and ask some important questions; how do I change my habits and how do I stay accountable? I want to make this a lifestyle change instead of always ending up in the land of crash-diets and quick fixes. It hasn’t been easy to overcome a lot of these bad habits but it has definitely been worth the struggle; I don’t have pizza buffets and cheesy fries on the mind nearly as much as I did in the beginning! No matter what bad habit it is you are trying to derail this article will help you prepare to bid it adieu!

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 Britney Kirsch
Account Manager