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Welcome to the first installment of our new communication series for 2012: ChooseWell. Rather than sending out a weekly communication like we did in 2011, MINES will be sending out a monthly digest of materials, clips, quizzes, and the like that we have found interesting and hope you will too. Each month will highlight media in Nutrition, Fitness, Interpersonal Development, and Stress Management. Please feel free to forward these on to your co-workers as you see fit. We hope that each month you find these materials helpful in your quest to ChooseWell, every day.

Britney Kirsch
Account Management


How to Read – and Understand! – Food Labels
We all know reading nutrition labels can be a key to healthy eating, but if you don’t know what to look for they may as well be in a foreign language! Let this guide simplify it for you, then try out your new skills on your next grocery store run.For the full guide, click here.


Build Your Home Gym on a Budget
If you’re anything like me, dishing out a monthly fee for a gym membership that rarely gets used just isn’t worth it. These tips from U.S. News will help you build an at-home gym for much less. As a bonus, you’ll get to work out from the comfort of your home, and have no more excuses for not wanting to venture out to the gym on a snowy afternoon!View the list here.


Giving Back
Do winter’s short days and cold temperatures have you down? Instead of hibernating for the season, look for volunteer opportunities in your community to keep you active all winter. Not only will it make you feel great, you’ll be making someone else’s day, too!Search here for opportunities near you.

Stress Relief

Burnout Self-Check
Job burnout can seriously inhibit your work performance, stress levels, and personal satisfaction. To start the new year fresh, take this self-check quiz to see if you are at risk of job burnout. If you need assistance, remember your EAP is here to help!To take the test, click here.

MINES does not warrant the materials (Audio, Video, Text, Applications, or any other form of media or links) included in this communication have any connection to MINES & Associates, nor does MINES seek to endorse any entity by including these materials in this communication. We found them helpful, and hope you do too!