Welcome to the August issue of ChooseWell2! The MINES Team understands that this is a very busy time of year. That’s why finding peace, and staying calm and flexible in body and mind is at the center of this month’s articles. We think you’ll find the information helpful as you prepare for the rest of the year and get the kids ready for heading back to school.To further support your state of mind, we are excited to offer our next Webinar covering Emotional Wellness, perfect for anyone looking to gain insight on strengthening your emotional wellbeing. If you’re interested in joining our discussion September 18th or would like information on upcoming topics click here.

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Caffeine: Myths & Facts

Caffeine myth or caffeine fact? It’s not always easy to know. Chances are you have some real misperceptions about caffeine. For starters, do you know the most common sources of caffeine? Find out this and more about this very common stimulant.

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Nice to Know Facts About Stretching, Flexibility, and Warming Up

There is a lot of debate over the benefits of stretching. Hear both sides of the story and judge for yourself, as well as increase your knowledge about this important exercise concept.

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8 Tips to Feel at Peace with Yourself

“He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the world.” ~Marcus Aurelius

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Stress Relief

Stress and Heart Health

Everyone feels stress in different amounts and reacts to it in different ways. How much stress you feel and how you react to it can lead to a wide variety of health problems — and that’s why it’s critical to know what you can do about it.

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