Please note the below information and resources are located on the eMlife Mindfulness platform. If you have MINES as your EAP you have access to this platform for free. Just log into MINES PersonalAdvantage online portal here and navigate to the eMlife tile to get started.

Mindfulness means focusing our attention on the present moment experience, with acceptance and compassion. Mindfulness practice teaches us non-judgemental awareness, allowing us to gently connect to how we are feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally with kindness. By tuning into these sensations we are better able to let go of past memories and future worries to embrace our authentic selves with self-love in the here and now. 

Embrace Your Space in Life with eM Life

Mindfulness practice provides tools to help you develop a better understanding of yourself, build greater self-compassion and treat yourself with loving-kindness. Sign up for eM Life to get started today!

When you sign up for eM Life you get 24/7 access on any device to:

  • Live 14-minute mindfulness classes led by experts multiple times a day
  • Live programs covering everything from managing anxiety to weight balance
  • Hundreds of hours of on-demand content you can watch on your own time
  • Access to expert-led communities to gain support and connect to your purpose
  • Game and meditation timer to help build and maintain healthy habits
  • Guided mindfulness sessions offered in multiple languages

Explore these on-demand programs to offer yourself some self-love with mindfulness:

With every minute of mindfulness you practice, we donate a minute to your charity of choice. Do good for you and others too by signing up for eM Life.

To Your Wellbeing,

The MINES Team