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Can a Candy Bar Give you the Flu?
March 22, 2011

Even as a child I never craved sugar. Give me beef jerky or pickles any day over candy or chocolate; pretty much anything high in sodium and I’m a fan. So when my fiancé came home the other day with two boxes of Samoa’s there was no temptation to consume these cookies. I am trying to watch my nutrition and so why bring anything into the house that I will devour. You will never see me buying Pringles for the house, they’d be gone in an hour, but I can deal with not eating sweets so the Girl Scout cookies didn’t bother me… at first.

There they were sitting right in front of me and I began that internal conversation that starts right before I am about to do something bad. “I don’t even like sweets that much, but you can only buy them once a year, what is one cookie going to do, you only live once…” And I was sold. That little Samoa was right where it should be, in my mouth and just as scrumptious as I remembered. Just because I don’t crave sugar, doesn’t mean they aren’t delicious. Without thinking, I gobbled one more and then another. Oh no! Nick grabbed the boxes, seeing the lack of self-control and despair in my eyes, and he put the boxes on top of the fridge.

Shortly after my battle with the cookies we left the house to run a few errands. Upon our return we discovered two shredded Girl Scout cookie boxes and one VERY full and naughty looking Jack Russell Terrier. He ate every last one. Nick was so upset. First, he had just bought the cookies and hadn’t even had a bite yet. Second, dogs shouldn’t consume chocolate. But me, I was ecstatic. I wanted to hug that dog and tell him thank you! Assuming he would stay well all of my temptation was gone and after reading this week’s article, the dog could very well have saved me from getting a cold! Don’t worry, I’m working on my self-control.

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Britney Kirsch
Account Manager