The Back to School shopping season has come and as we scramble to get school supplies and clothing for the kids, we suddenly realize that summer is almost over. Many of us get a little blue over that feeling that the “fun in the sun” has ended. As fall comes, we also typically take another look at our personal finances AFTER the summer of fun and try and get back on course. Sure, some anxiety pops up as we look at the vacation expenses and realize we went over budget. But, with a well-thought-out, written budget, we can get back on track quickly.

Did you realize that many company EAPs (Employee Assistant Programs) have financial services as a benefit? MINES and Associates offers its’ clients financial assistance as a session. So if you have a robust EAP, you could talk to a financial advisor to review your current budgeting strategy. As noted, fall is a great time to take another look at where you have been and where you want to go. Reviewing all aspects of your family finances with particular emphasis on budgeting will help you map out your plan and then keep with it.

In this challenging economy that we are living in today; it is nice to know that there are “free” ways to get some financial advice. Check with your employee benefits department to see if your EAP provides financial advice. If not, mention to your manager that you would like them to consider using MINES & Associates EAP.

Happy fall!

Allan Benson