Here at MINES we all hope that the first quarter of 2014 has been going great. We know time tends to fly when you’re busy, and this year has been a no exception, but we hope you’ve had time to find balance, and have used the resources that we have brought to you over the last few months to help with that. But no worries if you haven’t had time to catch everything coming from MINES this quarter. To catch you all up we will first review what we’ve been up to since the start of the year, and then we’ll preview a bit of what you can expect from MINES going into the spring and summer months.

First, let’s clarify our goal here: with “Bridging the Gap” we hope to make the connection between our wellbeing topics, and how they relate to both each other as well as your daily life, unmistakable – helping to bring the bigger picture of overall wellbeing into focus.

During the first quarter of 2014 we introduced our first 4 wellbeing topics as well as brought you blog posts from a variety of MINES’ experts. Let’s talk about those wellbeing topics first.

In January, we began the year with aspects of wellbeing that are always on peoples’ minds right after the holidays, financial wellbeing and occupational wellbeing. As the New Year begins, it is a time for review and realignment, and with this we felt it was important to bridge these particular topics as a way to focus on the balance between financial stability, job satisfaction, and their effect on overall happiness. February we looked at occupational wellbeing, this time with a connection to emotional wellbeing. Our goal with these topics was to focus on the interconnectivity of job satisfaction and one’s state of mind, showing that all work and no sense of accomplishment can indeed make Jack experience symptoms of burnout. Then in March we once again delved into the realm of emotional wellbeing. This time, however, we looked at how finances affected overall wellbeing and state of mind and proved that stability and good planning definitely buys more happiness than riches.

Now if you’re reading this you are probably familiar with our blog. This last quarter saw a lot of great information being shared from MINES.Over the past few months we have seen several posts from Dr. Robert Mines, CEO and psychologist. His posts have touched on such critical topics as chronic illness, mindfulness, and the importance of positive mind states. Coming from the world of organizational psychology, our BizPsych consultants shared success stories which helped showcase what it takes to strengthen resilience and bring a team together in hard times. Next up our expert case managers helped break down psychological aspects of financial wellbeing, and we still have ¾ of the year left!

Moving right along, let’s look at some of the resources you can look forward to over the next few months as well as the fresh ideas and articles coming to our blog. We will continue to explore emotional connections as we unveil the next wellbeing topics; intellectual wellbeing and social wellbeing. Now I don’t want to share too much about these just yet but as we explore these topics and how they interact within our daily lives, our hope is that by highlighting these connections it will help everyone make more sense of what contributes to their own wellbeing and make achieving balance in their lives that much more of a reality.

Excited yet? We are!With so much to share we hope you’ll stay with us and continue down the path of happiness, wellbeing, and balance. As always please don’t hesitate to comment on this post or any other. You can also email us at:, and let us know what you like, questions you may have, and what you’d like to see us discuss in the future. See you next time!

To your total wellbeing

-The MINES Team