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Aging and the Mind

September 8, 2010

Our theme for September is “Finding Yourself at 50.” At the link to the left (Past Newsletters) you will find a printable poster for your workspace and the Summer edition of our quarterly magazine: Balanced Living.

A few years ago my Mom was in town visiting me. I specifically remember this visit because of our conversation at dinner one night. My mom and I were talking about getting older – one of those “it seems like just yesterday you were starting kindergarten” conversations. She then reluctantly stated, “And now I’m almost fifty.” I laughed, “Mom, you are not almost 50, you are only 45!” My mother and I are exactly 20 years apart, so at the time I thought to myself, “she can’t be almost 50 because that makes me almost 30!” She quickly replied, “Britney, I will be 47 next month, I am almost 50.” Then I stopped and did the math in my head knowing the year my mom was born. “No, mother, you are going to be 46!” We went back and forth until I pulled out her driver license and showed her. She looked at me like she had seen a ghost and sheepishly whispered, “I have been telling everyone the wrong age for at least two years.” Part of me wanted to laugh and part of me was concerned but I will definitely let her be 49 for as long as she wants (as long as I can be 29)!

Since then, I have noticed my Mom talk about her memory loss quite frequently. After speaking with professionals about this matter, I realize that this can be a very common occurrence the older we get. It’s so important to take care of your brain and this week’s communication offers important information on aging and the mind.

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Britney Kirsch

Account Manager