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Affording Graduate School While You’re Working
September 19, 2011

Every week before I write these introductions, I open the article that it’s associated with. This week, I opened the article, read the title and closed out of it just as fast! There is something about simply reading, “Affording Graduate School While You’re Working,” that gives me anxiety. I truly couldn’t imagine.

I met a client a couple years ago that I could easily tell was a go-getter at work. We had a short conversation and I learned that, not only did she work full-time, she recently had a child and was in a master’s program. I asked her, “How do you do it?” With a gigantic smile on her face she sighed, “It’s not always easy but you make it happen.” But I saw how she did it; that gigantic smile. It was all about her “can-do” attitude.

Last month I saw that same bright smile when I was visiting with my client. I asked her how she was and she exclaimed she was pregnant with a bigger smile than before. She was still going to school and excelling in her career. I walked away feeling somewhat of a slacker and vowing to not say “I would, but I’m really busy,” or “I just can’t find the time,” for at least a month! Like the old adage goes, “Where there’s a will there’s a way.” This week’s communication helps finding your way a little easier.

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Britney Kirsch
Account Manager