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Wellbeing Trainings

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Nutrition plays such a key role in your health and well-being, so wouldn’t it be nice to know which foods give you the biggest payoff? You will learn which ones are loaded with the nutrients you need to prevent disease and feel your best. You will also understand ingredients that have a detrimental effect on your health, and how to steer clear of them.
Objective: Attendees will learn common foods will support their wellbeing and others that will have a detrimental effect. Recommended time: 1 hour

This training will cover information about the many ways mature adults can stay independent, active, and healthy for many more years.
Objective: Attendees will learn how exercise, balanced eating, stress reduction, sleep, and other lifestyle choices have an effect on our well-being and how to make little changes in these areas to increase longevity. Recommended time: 1 hour

Depression can be difficult to work through and it sometimes can be even more difficult to see someone else go through it. There are many ways to reduce the impact of depression in your life and ways to help your colleagues, family, and friends work through their personal depression, whether it is adjusting perspective, walking through the journey with someone else, or changing habits.
Objective: After this training, you will understand more what depression is, its causes, and be provided a new set of cognitive skills that will enable you to take charge, challenge irrational assumptions, assist those who may be depressed, and accomplish more in your life. Recommended time: 1 hour

Exercise versus activity. What are you doing? We will go over the various types of exercise, the benefits of each, and why knowing your purpose is critical to determining what you should be doing.
Objective: Attendees will learn the difference between exercise and activity and how each can suite different wellness goals. Recommended time: 1 hour

Rheumatoid arthritis, Gout, and Osteoarthritis - these 3 conditions affect over 46 million Americans. At some point, you will most likely experience some form of arthritis pain. Nutrition, physical activity, and supplementation can play an important role in each condition.
Objective: Attendees will learn why these conditions form, and how to best prevent and treat arthritis. Recommended time: 1 hour

Stress is part of everyone’s life, but if you don’t learn to find some balance, serious health consequences could be waiting! This 90-minute training includes education, self-evaluation, and interactive exercises addressing what effects chronic stress can have on your health. Evaluation tools will be provided to help you identify your specific stressors and how well you are managing them.
Objective: Attendees will gain the knowledge and tools to help achieve and maintained a well-balanced life. Recommended time: 1.5 hours

Maintaining healthy blood pressure is vital to your overall health and longevity. You will gain a thorough understanding of what the numbers mean, what high blood pressure does to your body, and when to be concerned.
Objective: Attendees will learn how lifestyle choices influence blood pressure and the small steps one can take to ensure healthy numbers throughout life. Recommended time: 1 hour

We are exposed to various toxins from inside and from outside of our bodies every day. In this program, we explore how to help our bodies process and eliminate toxins and teach strategies how to decrease our toxic load. For some people, detoxification may look like reducing fast food, for others, more intensive strategies may be appropriate.
Objective: Attendees will learn reasons they might need to detoxify and what the benefits could be for health. Understand how to cleanse in a way that supports the body and provides long-term benefits. Recommended time: 1 hour

Why is understanding your body composition so important? What use is it to know your body fat or hydration levels? Understanding your body composition is very important in being able to assess your level of health risk. By having concrete information about your body fat, hydration level, BMI (what’s that!?), and other important factors, you have a base foundation from which to improve your health and longevity.
Objective: Attendees will learn about the different aspects of body composition, and why each is important to know. They will also leave knowing how to access tools to determine body composition. Recommended time: 1 hour

Headline on the news, headline in your magazine, headline on the food package. We generally read a headline and fill the rest in to suit our needs. After this presentation, you will always want to know the rest of the story!
Objective: Attendees will learn the importance of reading between the lines and critically evaluation the information they encounter on a daily basis. Recommended time: 1 hour

Carbohydrates are so misunderstood! You will learn why carbohydrates are important and will enable you to make appropriate choices for your needs. From the various types, to when to eat them, you will no longer be confused about carbs!
Objective: Attendees will learn the essentials of carbohydrates and the role carbs play in our daily diet and health. Recommended time: 1 hour

From diet and exercise, to stress management and personal relationships---we’ll talk about ideas to create a new normal in your life.
Objective: Attendees will learn strategies to create healthy and sustainable habits. Recommended time: 1 hour

Knee pain, back pain, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis. These and other injuries can sideline your fitness program. Learn how to prevent and treat them to keep you on the right track.
Objective: Attendees will learn how to treat and prevent common yet debilitating conditions. Recommended time: 1 hour

We have all heard about working your core and maintaining your flexibility. But why is this important? You will gain an understanding of the role core strength and flexibility play in your everyday life and why they are even more critical as we age.
Objective: Attendees will learn the essentials of core training and flexibility. Recommended time: 1 hour

Time flies, but it is never too late (or early) to get a handle on your health and wellness. We will go over what health and life issues you should be aware of from your 30s to 60s, including what screenings to stay on top of!
Objective: Attendees will learn the most important health factors to pay attention to as they age. Recommended time: 1 hour

No more excuses! You will learn how easy it can be to fit exercise into your life. By the end of the class, you will have created a workout specifically geared toward your needs. Each participant should bring a notebook, and if you have any “portable fitness equipment” feel free to bring that as well!
Objective: Attendees will learn and participate in a variety of exercises and stretches that can be done with little or no equipment. Modifications will be demonstrated to ensure all fitness levels can participate. Recommended time: 1 hour

Chronic inflammation is widely being recognized as the root contributor to many of our chronic health conditions. Inflammation is the first sign that your body is out of balance and not well. We will explore how and why this occurs and how your lifestyle choices determine your risk.
Objective: Attendees will come away with knowing how your lifestyle choices affect your body and chronic inflammation.Recommended time: 1 hour

You have probably heard the terms HDL, LDL, Triglycerides....but do you really know what they are? You will learn exactly what these terms mean, what the numbers mean, and how to make sure you don’t block your path.
Objective: Attendees will the difference between "good" and "bad" cholesterol, and how they affect overall health. Recommended time: 1 hour

Regular exercise is necessary for every individual, but if weight loss is your goal, it is a MUST. This class will provide you with the information necessary for you to determine how much, and what types of exercise are necessary to reach your goals.
Objective: Attendees will learn weight loss strategies and will talk about program design and realistic options to fit it into a busy life. Recommended time: 1 hour

Most people think that just running or pumping weights will suffice as exercise. But to best take care of your physical body, we need to incorporate the three main components of exercise regularly into our fitness regimen. In this session, you will learn about all aspects of physical fitness, with a focus on the big three – cardiovascular endurance, muscle strengthening, and flexibility – and how to improve each area, without a gym membership.
Objective: Participants will learn doable ways to incorporate all aspects of exercise into their day to enhance fitness and lead a healthier life. Recommended time: 1 hour

Staying healthy can be a big challenge in today’s environment. Busy schedules and endless unhealthy options make it difficult to stay on top of exercise and proper nutrition choices. This training will identify key elements of healthy families and will provide a framework for getting everyone in the family onboard.
Objective: Attendees will learn the importance of being healthy on the go and how to get everyone excited. Recommended time: 1 hour

Most people have engaged in emotional eating at some time or another. When we do this, we are using food as a reward, a distraction, or to soothe a feeling we’d rather not be experiencing. Identifying triggers and defining your relationship with food are the first steps in changing your attitude about food.
Objective: Attendees will learn mindful eating skills, and healthy strategies to overcome emotional eating. Recommended time: 1 hour

By now most people know what they should be eating to fuel the body and brain. Too often, however, critical nutrients are missing in the American diet. We will discuss what supplements MAY help fill in the gaps as well as which ones are really a waste of money. Feel free to bring your supplements along!
Objective: Attendees will learn what nutritional supplements would be useful and which are a waste. Recommended time: 1 hour

Making healthy choices can be difficult for anyone, but for those with a non-traditional work schedule, it can be especially challenging. These trainings highlight the dangers of unhealthy habits and provide ideas for creating a structure that allows for a healthy outcome.
Objective: Attendees will learn how to go from unhealthy habits to healthy choices even having a non-traditional work schedule. Recommended time: 1 hour

No time to exercise? Then get your workout at work. You won’t get to the Olympics this way, but you can do stretching, muscle strengthening, and even short bursts of aerobic exercise at your desk (or in a vacant conference room or stairwell). Any amount of exercise helps and the results are cumulative. You will feel more alert and productive throughout the day with mini-breaks of activity.
Objective: Attendees will learn and participate in basic exercise techniques that they can use at home or in the workplace. Recommended time: 1 hour

The benefits of exercise are widely known, but for a variety of reasons it is not part of many people’s lives. We will help you identify your barriers to exercise, and provide options for overcoming those barriers. The various aspects of fitness will be highlighted including cardio, strength, core, and flexibility.
Objective: Attendees will learn different exercises and how to overcome barriers. Recommended time: 1 hour

Ladies, this one is for you! Specifically geared toward the issues that affect women, this seminar covers stress, metabolism, disease risk, menopause, and more. We will explore how our lifestyle choices play a role in each of these areas and how simple strategies can improve your outcome.
Objective: Attendees will learn how as a woman your lifestyle choices effects your body. Recommended time: 1 hour

The grocery store is a nuisance for some, a land of forbidden foods for others. This class will teach you how to navigate through the confusion, the marketing, and the temptations. From reading food labels and understanding ingredient lists, to identifying the gimmicks manufacturers employ, we’ll explore strategies for making this frequent excursion as simple and convenient as possible.
Objective: Attendees will learn helpful information to help navigate and make better decisions while shopping. Recommended time: 1 hour

Are you ready to start living a healthy lifestyle? We will discuss the habits of healthy people and give you strategies for your transition to a healthier you.
Objective: Attendees will learn how to have a healthy lifestyle. Recommended time: 1 hour

Chronic back pain affects millions of people. We’ll go over the various causes of back pain and how to best position yourself to avoid it.
Objective: Attendees will learn the causes of back pain and strategies to avoid it. Recommended time: 1 hour

Holidays are undoubtedly a stressful time of year! You will learn how to eat, drink, and be merry with minimal damage to the body and mind.
Objective: Attendees will learn to manage stress during the holidays. Recommended time: 1 hour

Good back health is important so we may better function and move our bodies in all directions correctly and without pain. Participants will learn the importance of maintaining proper alignment and how to access neutral posture. They will also learn appropriate exercises and stretches that may improve balance, relieve back pain and increase the ability to do everyday activities with more ease.
Objective: Attendees will learn tips and tools to help achieve health posture habits and maintain a healthy back throughout life. Recommended time: 1 hour

If you have a sedentary job, you may feel like your desk is killing you. Fortunately, there are a variety of stretches and exercises that can be done in your office to help alleviate pain, strengthen the body, and refresh the mind.
Objective: Attendees will learn stretches and exercises to maintain physical wellbeing in the workplace.Recommended time: 1 hour

Hormones dictate every process in the human body - including whether we gain or shed weight!
Objective: Attendees will learn about the key players involved in our ability to lose weight, and what can be done to maximize the positive effects. Recommended time: 1 hour

What are the latest trends in fitness? How about the most up-to-date research on nutrition? If it’s happening now, we’ll talk about it!
Objective: Attendees will learn recent advancements in the fields of fitness and nutrition. Recommended time: 1 hour

Elevated blood pressure is a common side effect of chronic stress. In this class you will learn the mechanisms that cause this to occur and gain a thorough understanding of how critical stress management is to promote healthy blood pressure.
Objective: Attendees will learn about the relationship between stress and hypertension, and the importance of stress management to health. Recommended time: 1 hour

What is balance, and how can we improve our balance to prevent falls and injuries?
Objective: We will discuss circumstances and issues that may affect our balance, and participants will learn exercises and stretches that may improve it, as well as gain tips to reduce chances of debilitating falls. Recommended time: 1 hour

We need our body to move in so many ways each day. The ability to do Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) is what dictates and maintains our independence. In this training we will discuss why body strength and flexibility (Range of Motion) is important to maintain as we get older and how they affect our everyday life so that we can move with relative ease.
Objective: Participants will learn exercises and stretches to help improve function-ability, longevity, and assist in maintaining independence. Recommended time: 1 hour

There are not enough hours in the day to accomplish what needs to be done, much less what you WANT to do. We will talk about time takers and outline ways to manage your time more effectively.
Objective: Attendees will learn strategies for effective time management. Recommended time: 1 hour

I don’t eat carbs. Bananas have too much sugar. Pasta is bad for you. At some point we have probably all heard or said something similar to these statements. Certain foods are better for you than others, but you will learn about food combining, and why the combination of foods can be as important as the type of food for staving off hunger, keeping blood sugar levels steady, and having energy all day long.
Objective: Attendees will learn the essentials of smart food combinations for keeping steady blood sugar levels. Recommended time: 1 hour

You’ve tried all the diets - the pounds come off and the pounds go back on. We will explore the root of your struggle with weight and give guidance that will allow you to say good-bye to dieting forever!
Objective: Attendees will learn strategies for putting together a lasting healthy eating habits for life-long weight control. Recommended time: 1 hour

Is it a tool? Is it a toy? Whatever you call it, Kendama is a fun way to explore and enhance skill, coordination, and concentration. By training to manipulate physical energy, your experience with Kendama can be applied to other aspects of your life. The group setting of Kendama Social offers an interactive and effective setting to discover and share with friends and colleagues. (The Kendama tool can be purchased for each participant as part of the seminar fee or can be made available for purchase by participants.)
Objective: Attendees will learn the benefits and practice of Kendama. Recommended time: 1 hour

Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, BMI, Body Fat, Waist circumference. Each year you go through a biometric screening, collect these numbers, and forget about them. You will gain an in-depth understanding of what each of these numbers mean and why it is important to KNOW YOUR NUMBERS!
Objective: Attendees will learn what important health metrics mean and how they relate to overall health. Recommended time: 1 hour

Menopause can be a challenging phase of life. We will walk through the physiology and psychology of changes in your body and arm you with tools to be a good manager of menopause!
Objective: Attendees will learn strategies to manage changes in their body during menopause. Recommended time: 1 hour

This one-hour meditation workshop includes an overview of the benefits and uses of meditation as well as 2-3 short meditations. These meditations are designed to demonstrate the benefits of meditation including focus, mindfulness, detachment, and acting rather than reacting.
Objective: Attendees will get to experience and learn the stress relieving benefits of meditation through guided exercises. Recommended time: 1 hour

Attention gentlemen! What are you doing to lead your best life possible? Do you know the steps you can take to decrease your risk for disease and enjoy optimal health and wellness?
Objective: During this training, we will discuss health issues men face and the steps you can take to enhance the quality of your life. Recommended time: 1 hour

Mental health and physical health are intricately linked, but too often we neglect to acknowledge how our choices affect our mental health and wellness.
Objective: This class will address stress, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and social interactions, and how each facet impacts our mental health. Recommended time: 1 hour

“It’s all in your head!” We’ve probably all heard that at some point in life. Whether you buy into it or not, what we say to ourselves matters! Being present and mindful can be difficult with the business of life but incorporating a few skills can have a profound effect on your wellbeing!
Objective: Attendees will learn skills to promote mindfulness and its effects on wellbeing.Recommended time: 1 hour

The connection of our thoughts and our physical body is important to understand, especially this relationship to our health and stress levels. We will discuss the impact of stress on our lives and how developing a stronger mind/body connection will enhance your health and focus. You will also have the opportunity to experience techniques to enhance self-care and help you live in the moment.
Objective: Attendees will learn how the mind and body are connected and how this relationship can contribute to stress levels and overall wellbeing. Recommended time: 1 hour

While briefly discussing the mind/body connection and the impact of stress in our lives, the bulk of the session will be spent practicing techniques to help you actually experience the benefits. We will try techniques such as mindfulness, yoga, and breath work, and discuss how to start your own practice.
Objective: Attendees will practice simple mindfulness, yoga and breathing techniques and will leave relaxed and with a better understanding of what a mind/body practice can be for you, even at work! Recommended time: 1 hour

Learn about the different types of headaches, and treatment for each.
Objective: Attendees will learn about headaches and how to manage them. Recommended time: 1 hour

Are you looking for ways to decompress and restore balance in the middle of your work day? The therapeutic value of nature is well-established as a way to help people improve mental health, clarify important personal needs, slow down, and reduce stress. Even brief encounters with natural elements bring calm and can help us live longer.
Objective: Participants will be guided through mindfulness practices to experience the benefits of being ion nature and be left with tips on how to start their own nature-based practice. Requirements: Nearby green space or landscaped facility (need not be big!) Recommended time: 1 hour

Understanding the basics of nutrition can go a long way in making your decisions about food choices. With so much information, and a bit of mis-information, it can be difficult to know if you really are making the best choice. When you understand the basic functions of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, you will be able to weed through the confusion and be confident in your choices.
Objective: This seminar will provide a foundation of knowledge, which will guide you toward making healthy decisions about your own nutritional needs. Recommended time: 1 hour

Did you know that nutrition is one of our greatest weapons against disease and aging? Find out what foods can help you address common aging issues such as memory decline, heart disease and bone loss.
Objective: Attendees will learn the essentials of how nutrition contributes to disease and aging. Recommended time: 1 hour

Transitioning to a healthy way of eating isn’t as hard as it seems. We will talk about the basic elements of healthy eating and provide strategies for incorporating healthy choices into your lifestyle.
Objective: Help attendees build life-long health eating habits. Recommended time: 1 hour

Making high-quality dietary choices is necessary for optimal health and wellness and is a critical key to achieving and maintaining weight loss.
Objective: This class will lay the foundation of healthy eating and will allow you to create your own strategies that address your needs, challenges, and goals. Recommended time: 1 hour

Trying to maintain your healthy diet and traveling for work or vacation may not seem like they go hand in hand, but with a little forethought and planning it can be done. By investing in a few key items, you can stay on track and continue with your clean eating. By learning to plan ahead, pack smart, and prioritize you will be able to stay on track.
Objective: Attendees will learn tools and strategies to eat healthy even when traveling. Recommended time: 1 hour

Organic products are usually more expensive than the conventional counterpart. We’ll talk about when it is worth the extra money!
Objective: Attendees will learn how to make informed decisions around organic food. Recommended time: 1 hour

An 8-week health education and disease prevention program helping participants learn about macronutrients, food labels, disease prevention and more. Take a deep dive as we break bad habits and build new ones.
Objective: Attendees will gain an in-depth knowledge of nutrition, disease prevention, and overall health maintenance. Recommended time: 8 weeks

Whether you travel for work or pleasure, keeping up with healthy habits can be a tall order. Early mornings, late dinners, and different time zones do present challenges, but with a little planning and a little discipline, you really can stay healthy on the road!
Objective: Attendees will learn strategies for staying healthy while traveling. Recommended time: 1 hour

This seminar will highlight all the benefits of exercise. You’ve heard them before, but I will convince you that exercise is something you cannot live without!
Objective: Attendees will learn the benefits of exercise in order to lead healthy, more productive lives. Recommended time: 1 hour

From bones to blood, hair to hormones, and the building and repair of every other tissue, the power of protein cannot be understated. Too often, people are not getting enough quality protein in the diet. We will explore various protein sources and discuss ideas of how to incorporate protein regularly throughout your day.
Objective: Attendees will learn the important role the protein plays in body, good and bad sources of protein, how to incorporate more protein in their diet, and how protein intake impacts overall wellbeing. Recommended time: 1 hour

A helpful definition of stress will be explored. During the training, several stress-reduction exercises may be demonstrated and practiced by the group. These may include: breathing, visualization, muscle-relaxation, and meditation.
Objective: Participants will glean general information about how to effectively cope with stress. Recommended time: 1 hour

The foam roller is one of the most effective devices for preventing injury, alleviating chronic pain, and improving flexibility. Individuals will participate as I demonstrate how, what and when to roll. This class will have participants rolling---literally! Participants are encouraged to bring their foam rollers.
Objective: Attendees will learn the health benefits of foam rollers and how to use them. Recommended time: 1 hour

Are you ready to stop the madness? Embracing healthy choices is the best way to have a long lasting positive outcome. We will walk through the steps necessary to help you transition to the healthy lifestyle and achieve your weight loss goal.
Objective: Attendees will learn how to build healthy, life-long eating habits. Recommended time: 1 hour

“Get plenty of sleep” is a recommendation we hear often. For many, this is easier said than done. We will talk about the critical processes that occur during sleep, and the health consequences resulting from a lack of sleep. We will also go over strategies and techniques to promote a peaceful night’s sleep.
Objective: Attendees will learn about the importance of sleep for their health and strategies to get enough rest. Recommended time: 1 hour

Based on our 4-week program, this interactive training will give a high-level overview of four areas important to the process of quitting: "Getting Ready to Quit", "Quitting", "Staying Quit" and “Relapse Prevention". Nicotine dependence (smoking and chewing tobacco) is an addiction that is composed of physical, mental and behavioral components, and is one of the most challenging addictions to conquer.
Objective: Gain an understanding of nicotine addiction and strategies to quit using nicotine products. Recommended time: 1 hour

Please note this series is fee for service program. Call MINES and Associates for trainer availability and pricing. A 4-week interactive program that will cover four areas important to the process of quitting: "Getting Ready to Quit", "Quitting", "Staying Quit" and “Relapse Prevention". Must sign up for all for parts:

Part 1:"Getting Ready to Quit"
Part 1 of our smoking cessation program. Examines why individuals smoke, why they want to quit, the risks versus the benefits of quitting, individual belief systems, and preparing to quit. Objective: Prepares attendees mentally to begin the process to quit nicotine products. Recommended time: 1 hour
Part 2: "Quitting"
Part 2 of our smoking cessation program. Examines withdrawal, the process of change, temptations and triggers, and helpful hints to cope during the quitting process. Objective: Helps develop effective coping mechanisms for those in the midst of quitting nicotine use. Recommended time: 1 hour
Part 3: "Staying Quit"
Part 3 of our smoking cessation program. Examines situations that create risk for relapse, continued temptations and triggers, and relaxation techniques for those that have recently quit using nicotine. Objective: Develop effective coping mechanisms and strategies to ensure continued success at quitting nicotine use Recommended time: 1 hour
Part 4: "Relapse Prevention"
Part 4 of our smoking cessation program. Examines the health benefits, the identifying of relapses to date, recent triggers, and past successes. Objective: To discuss and reinforce winning strategies for quitting and avoiding relapses. Recommended time: 1 hour

Osteoporosis is largely preventable. Learn the causes, how to identify your risk, and prevention tips.
Objective: Attendees will learn strategies to maintain the health of their bones. Recommended time: 1 hour

Sugar can have hidden effects on your diet that you may not be aware of. With the increasing prevalence of diabetes in the US, it can be tough to separate fact from sensation with in the wealth of available information.
Objective: Attendees will learn the sources of sugar in their diet and strategies to reduce their sugar intake while maintaining a blood glucose level. Recommended time: 1 hour

Skin cancer is the #1 cancer in America. You will learn how to identify the various types of cancer and how to protect yourself.
Objective: Attendees will learn to lower their risk of skin cancer. Recommended time: 1 hour

A healthy heart is the key to a healthy life. This seminar will help you understand and identify our risk for heart disease. You will learn valuable information about lifestyle choices that can help lower your risk and prevent this disease altogether!
Objective: Attendees will learn information and strategies to lower their risk of heart disease. Recommended time: 1 hour

If your worksite has an exercise facility, but you just don’t know what to do in it, then this class is for you! I will come to your location and create a basic workout that participants will be able to do on their own in the future. You will learn proper form and exercises each body part using your location’s specific equipment. Class size may be limited due to the size of your facility.
Objective: Attendees will learn a basic workout to help them get started with fitness. Recommended time: 1 hour

The repetitive nature of many jobs can lead to chronic pain or injury. In addition, the occasional tasks we need to accomplish may catch us unprepared. Over exertion, multi-tasking, and just simply not paying attention all can lead to workplace injuries. This is a lecture/participation combo class, so come prepared to take notes and move your body!
Objective: Attendees will learn strategies to mitigate their risk of workplace injuries. Recommended time: 1 hour

Your values are what is personally important to you in life and makes you who you are. We have values in every aspect of life and by honoring and living by our values, we can access a more fulfilling life.
Objective: Attendees will learn how to identify and clarify what is truly important to them, personally and professionally, and how they can move towards a more meaningful life. Recommended time: 1 hour

Did you know that the easiest form of exercise is walking? Walking takes no special equipment or location. If you’ve struggled to exercise regularly, this training will help you start at the easiest place for conditioning your body- putting one foot in front of the other!
Objective: Attendees will discover the benefits of walking, how to start a walking program, and how to monitor and maintain walking as exercise to access better health. Recommended time: 1 hour

I pull no punches and tell it like it is. This is a reality -based presentation on what you need to do to lose weight.
Objective: Attendees will learn about weight loss. Recommended time: 1 hour

Having muscle mass is one of the best ways to facilitate fat loss or decrease the amount of weight gain as we age. By now we have all heard about the dangers of excess belly fat, and if strength training is not currently part of your life, now is the time! We’ll talk about what to do, how to do it, and how often.
Objective: Attendees will learn the benefits of weight training for their health. Recommended time: 1 hour

Many diseases and cognitive conditions that affect us as we age are a result of lifestyle choices more so than the actual aging process. A change in lifestyle and behavior is REQUIRED if we are going to live healthy lives and stay independent as we grow older. We can no longer neglect our body and mind with poor choices, yet it’s not too late to incorporate healthy choices right now!
Objective: Attendees will learn what health and wellness means after 50, and participants will learn ways they can incorporate healthy choices in all areas of their wellbeing, including exercise, into their daily life. Recommended time: 1 hour

How you define wellness will dictate the areas of nutrition and exercise you should focus your time and energy on. We will walk through different ideas of wellness and explore the path to get you to your goal.
Objective: Attendees will explore the idea of wellness in order to identify their wellness goals. Recommended time: 1 hour

How can you enhance your health and wellness so that you can win your own wellness game? By adopting a whole person model and proactively making healthy choices in all areas of your wellbeing you are empowered to live your best life. In this session, we focus on the six areas of wellness to help you understand and access what “wellness” means for you.
Objective: Attendees will learn practical solutions to help move toward improved health and wellbeing leading to healthier choices and a healthy life. Recommended time: 1 hour

Whether you enjoy the slopes, the flat, or tackling the snow on a machine, getting your body in shape for your winter sport will allow you to enjoy the season to the fullest. I will guide you through exercises that build strength and stability. This is a participation class and you will be able to create a workout that is tailored to your needs.
Objective: Attendees will learn to get and stay in shape for the winter sports season. Recommended time: 1 hour

Did you know the common cold occurs over 100 million times a year and accounts for 30 million lost workdays? Curious about how you can reduce your chances of picking up the cold and flu? How can you access true health during the winter?
Objective: Attendees will learn preventative measures to greatly reduce their chances of picking up the latest bug, as well as some tips on how to feel great throughout the whole year. Recommended time: 1 hour

Flexibility is one of the key components of fitness. Yoga has been shown to enhance flexibility, strengthen muscles, and improve functionality in life. It can also greatly reduce stress. And, you can practice it anywhere, even in your office space!
Objective: Attendees will learn how to use stretching and yoga techniques to gain flexibility, focus, and relax anywhere! Recommended time: 1 hour

You probably learned at an early age the importance of brushing your teeth, but did you know oral health can reveal indicators of overall health. In addition, issues in your mouth may increase your risk for other chronic conditions.
Objective: This training will explore the role oral health plays in overall health and wellness and will provide tips and reminders for how to best protect your oral health. Recommended time: 1 hour


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