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High stress, trauma, and burnout are all hazards of challenging workloads. As much as we’d like to, we can’t eliminate the many external stressors we experience in most of our jobs. Rather than to focus on traditional stress management, this workshop will focus on strengthening emotional resilience. Emotional resilience is defined as our ability to bounce back from challenges and stress.
Objective: Present the eight dimensions of emotional resilience and learn practical applications for combating stress and burnout through strengthening resilience. Recommended time: 1.5 hours

This training is aimed towards employees who spend a majority of their time interacting with customers, both internal and external. Participants will be asked to identify their customer base and conduct a customer service audit including mission and vision. The importance of listening and verbal communication will be emphasized. The film “The Difficult Guest” is recommended to accompany this training along with role play scenarios.
Objective: Learn techniques for improved communication, dealing with angry customers and complaints, and building customer goodwill and trust. Recommended time: 1.5 hours

The rising numbers of incidents of random stranger violence such as assaults, theft, kidnapping and harassment can pose a major safety concern for employees coming to and leaving work. Raising awareness and confidence can be helpful to both increase safety and personal wellbeing.
Objective: Explore tips for enhancing personal safety, raising awareness, and addressing personal safety concerns. Recommended time: 1.5 hours

A common stressor in our lives is the feeling that we don’t have enough “time”. We know that time is a finite resource, so how do ensure that we are able to make the best use of the time that we have? Most of us find that we have some gaps and inconsistencies between our values and how we spend our time.
Objective: In this training, participants will have a chance to see what psychological obstacles and self-imposed time robbers may be getting in the way and how to overcome them. Recommended time: 1 hour


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