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It is essential that organizations provide training for supervisors who are seeking to improve key areas of performance with their supervisees.
Objective: Learn Strategies for motivating and rewarding employees, coaching and mentoring, fostering teamwork, maximizing performance and exercising influence. Recommended time: 1.5-2 hours

The art of negotiation takes skill, practice and attitude.
Objective: The art of negotiation takes skill, practice and attitude. Recommended time: 2 hours

Many on-the-job trainers are frustrated when they encounter a trainee who seems to have hit a barrier in learning their new job. The training is developed specifically for individuals who have already taken a basic train-the-trainer course and should be considered advanced.
Objective: This will provide tools to the on-the-job trainer to help diagnose and resolve performance issues of trainees. Recommended time: 1 hour

This training is for supervisors, managers, team leaders, and anyone who has contact with employees experiencing problems. Current workplace issues such as ADA, EEOC, FMLA, sexual harassment and workplace violence and its impact on supervisors and managers will be discussed.
Objective: To train supervisors how to recognize problems in the workplace, document work performance issues based on the organization's policies, address issues with employees and make an appropriate referral to the EAP/MAP. In addition, how to incorporate the help of the EAP/MAP for management consults, conflict resolution services and organizational development interventions will be discussed. Recommended time: 1.5-2 hours

This training will give an overview of the necessary traits of a successful coach in an organization.
Objective: Participants will learn to differentiate between counseling and coaching and discover how to include growth-oriented coaching in their management role. Topics covered will include how to build a coaching relationship, how to identify and capitalize upon each member's potential, motivation, dealing with conflicts, giving effective feedback and communication skills. Recommended time: 2 hours

Emotional intelligence (EQ) - our ability to manage both ourselves and others – is the single greatest contributor to personal excellence and leadership. Increased EQ can move individuals and organizations to higher performance and greater personal leadership.
Objective: This training will explore the personal and social domains of leadership and offer specific, actionable steps to drive personal leadership including: managing strong emotions, working with difficult people, dealing with the fear of giving real-time feedback to move communication from breakdown to breakthrough, and living a life of purpose and deep meaning. Recommended time: 2 hours

Although most organizations value feedback, there is not often a cultural norm for giving and receiving feedback.
Objective: Participants will be invited to explore the value of feedback as well as myths and realities around feedback in the workplace. This training will allow participants a chance to practice giving and receiving constructive feedback in a safe environment. Recommended time: 1 hour

Managing a team takes skilled leadership. Managing a virtual team requires some different strategies since virtual teams have unique challenges and characteristics.
Objective: Participants will learn the key success factors that create high functioning virtual teams. This training will review the potential pitfalls that can compromise virtual teams and highlight key performance challenges that impact virtual teams. Recommended time: 1-1.5 hours

Today’s challenging times demand specific skillsets to ensure our workplaces allow all thoughts and actions to be voiced without fear.
Objective: Attendees will learn best practices and the class will give leaders a chance to self-assess where they are vs. where they should be. Recommended time: 1 hour

Those of us that have had a mentor can attest to the profound difference it has made in our professional development. Companies that intentionally foster mentoring programs in their organizations tend to have higher satisfaction among their employees and higher retention rates.
Objective: Participants will learn what is needed to develop and implement a mentoring program in their organization. Topics covered include: learning about different types of mentoring programs, pairing of mentors and mentees, and an execution roadmap from the “Kick-Off” to the “Graduation Celebration”. Recommended time: 1.5-2 hours

Transitioning from peer to a supervisor can be a difficult transition.
Objective: Newly transitioned supervisors will learn the essential components of shifting roles and relationships from being a peer to being a supervisor. Supervisors will explore how to address the concerns of peers and create a new relationship in order to bring success to your new role as a leader. Recommended time: 1 hour


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