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Start Some Healthful Holiday Traditions 

December 20, 2010

Every family follows their own traditions during the holiday season. One of my favorite traditions was writing the letter to Santa. I always asked him about his reindeer and told him how good I had been that year, while politely mentioning my wish of THE Barbie Dream House. I never unwrapped the Dream House, but it was still magical to imagine that Santa was reading my wishes all the way in the North Pole. Two decades later my Mom is continuing the tradition with my nine year old brother. 

On my brother’s list to Santa this year was a Lego game and since my family lives in a small town I was given the task of hunting this gift down. I thought to myself, “Simple task, right?” Wrong. After the 5th toy store I walked into, I was starting to feel like I was playing a game and I was losing miserably. Finally, at the last store, a clerk walked up to me and offered her assistance. She explained that this was a very popular game and I could try back at 6am. I mean, I love my brother, but that is crossing the line. Then she explained to me that they will be open 24 hours a day starting on the 21st, and I could try anytime because they get in new inventory every day.  As she kept talking to me about my different options, I started looking around and my eyes widened. There were adults everywhere with a piece of paper in their hand, frantically looking for toys on their list. Where did that tradition go wrong? I immediately walked out of the store and decided to get him art supplies; he can design his own game. If, like me, you feel the stress of the holidays, start by make some healthier traditions with your family this year.

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Britney Kirsch 

Account Manager